Why CRM Gamification is Your Next Move

Why CRM Gamification is Your Next Move

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs aren’t really anything new. It’s been a viable strategy for your sales-people to stockpile valuable data and resource made from transactions to input within such programs since at least 2012. But recently, many companies have begun investing heavily in it, creating a trend if you will, and below are reasons why CRM gamification is your next big move. 

Why CRM Gamification is Your Next Move


Why CRM Gamification is Becoming the Next Trend

Sales managers and/or representatives, in general, have never been known to prefer doing data-input tasks that come with the application of CRM. Much time, they reveal reluctance in usage, and this user adoption crisis has always been one of the cases of employee disengagement. It has been the main flaw of the rather tedious and complicated to use CRM software.  

Sales managers usually would rather hit their sales quota and earn the rush of dopamine as they close a transaction. And to this end, companies had started to apply gamification towards their CRM programs, letting the experience of using it that much more engaging and immersive for both the sales managers and the customers.  

In the other side, CRM has even been acknowledged by Gartner to be the largest software market by 2017 and will still grow onwards. And it is not a coincidence that CRM gamification is ramping up in the meantime. 

To answer why gamification in CRM is trending is simple, because it works. A few incredible result examples—according to Toolbox—are: 

  • Service Corporation International gaining an 88% increase in closed deals by sales reps 
  • Wireless Zone’s over 175% increase in sales 
  • Hewlett-Packard experiencing up to 94% revenue boost in various regions 

Examples of Gamified CRM

Why CRM Gamification is Your Next Move

Gamification as a gimmick 

While some—or perhaps even most—modern day CRM are gamified, not all of them would boast said fact. Instead, they simply promote their usage and effectiveness and the such. To those who do apply gamification manually to a non-gamified CRM, would most often keep the case a company secret, hence the lack of study cases in such regard.

However, there are more blatant examples out there with significant results to boast as well. Such as the Hurrah CRM or the CRM.me where they are—contrary to some of their competitors—quite proud of and in fact made gamification into their promotional gimmick. 

Though there are also examples such as Gamified CRM and/or Splash to keep in mind. Where their product isn’t a CRM itself, but something of an add-on to the already functioning yet non-gamified CRM within Microsoft Dynamics for Gamified CRM and Sugar CRM in Splash’s regard. 

Why gamifying your CRM is your next big move 

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This is mainly due to the fact that this trend will not blow over soon. This going double for startups or small companies that wish to remain competitive and relevant to the market. And of course, as with any type of gamification, to boost engagement and voluntary use of the product/program, thus creating a more consistent and efficient flow. 

If none of your workers are using the non-gamified CRM you bought 

The obvious answer is that it’s time for you to invest in a little bit of gamification. Like how you would gamify any other plan or strategy, if you find yourself in a crisis of disengagement, gamification would be the solution. 

Instead of buying another CRM, try to salvage what you already have and get creative with it. Maybe even go to the lengths of consulting a company specializing in gamification if you have a hard time with it. 


Words of warning

In the end, however, there are still dangers to it. Maybe try reading up on the dangers that a failed CRM gamification may bring to fully understand the matter before-hand. 


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