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We believe everyone can reach
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Gamified Learning Platform

Game-Based Learning



Phase o1

Problem Analysis
and Concept

We believe that understanding your needs and current condition thoroughly is the perfect start to give you impactful solution to achieve an ambitious yet feasible goal.

Phase o2

Solution Development

Once the gamification blue print is established, we are heading to the formulation and development. This is our service’s essential activity as your feedback and target audiences’ will be our main focus.

Phase o3

and Evaluation

We recognize our part is not done yet once the solution is implemented. It is the core of our standard to continuously monitor and evaluate the output in order to support you to reach the maximum impact.

Phase o4


All of the phases are delivered with excellence and your satisfaction in mind, based on the collaboration spirit as our core of communication.


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Yesika Fadeli
Brand Manager Cerebrovit, Kalbe

"Agate has delivered good service and met our expectation in terms of quality and impact of their solution. It was great to be able to work with them. Their gaming expertise and services are highly recommended."
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Irene Theodora
Business Analyst Manager, Nutrifood Indonesia

"Working with Agate creates a good long-lasting partnership, unlike any other agencies."
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Norman Sasono
Former Technical Evangelist, Microsoft

"When we worked together with Agate, we were happy with the result. Even though the time was very limited and the task wasn't easy, the team was able to deliver great result. We definitely would want to work with Agate again in the future."
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Fikar Kusuma
CIC Manager, The Coca-Cola Company Indonesia

"It was always fun working with Agate, and we look forward to our future collaboration!"
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Verdy Sinaga
Mobile Media Marketing, Bank Negara Indonesia

"Agate gives us innovative way to approach our customer and delivering very good experience in its solution."
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Join us to take a look inside how gamification can enhance your activities!

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Gamified Learning Platform

We provide end-to-end game development of learning platform with Levio to scale up your learning program ability. Levio is a solution that transforms your learning program into a fun, bite-sized materials filled with interactive quizzes and mini-games, as well as real-time trackable and measurable result.

– Mobile First
– Accessible Anytime & Anywhere
– Compact & Bite-Sized Activities
– Comprehensive Result on Administrator Dashboard

– Courses in Bite-Size Materials
– In-Course Exercise
– Quizzes and Assessment
– Leaderboard
– Mini-Games

Game-Based Learning

We help organizations to develop a learning program that is interactive, engaging, and brings positive impact to the real work activity through gamification. The implementation of gamification in this area is believed to enhance the engagement rate in which resulting to a better knowledge retention, self-development, and performance.

01 Why Gamification?
– Effective Learning
– Cost & Time Efficiency
– Measurable Result

02 Services
– VR Simulation
– In-Course Exercise
– Interactive E-Learning Content
-Custom Learning Content

03 Client Segmentation
– Corporate
– Educational Institution
– Government Agency
– Non-Profit Organization


Through game, we help companies to leverage the marketing initiative with an engaging installation in order to grab a wider audience. The interactive nature of game enables you to directly approach your customer intimately in which resulting a significant conversion, whether for the brand exposure or to driving the sales.

– Elevate Brand Visibiity & Awareness
– Increase Customer Engagement
– Measurable Conversion

– In-App Mini Games
– On-ground Event Activation
– IIn-Game Sponsorship

– Media
– FMCG & Retail
– Telco & Tech Company
– E-Commerce
– Banking & Insurance

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