What is CRM and How Can Gamification Help

What is CRM and How Can Gamification Help

Often times, companies would struggle to obtain real-time data from their customers such as satisfaction and loyalty as most of your salesman and/or employees may not necessarily archive the data of each transaction. CRM helps with the said problem by acting as a tool for your employees to neatly archive all the data needed from all transactions.

What exactly is CRM?

What is CRM and How Can Gamification Help

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a process companies use to understand their customer groups and respond quickly—and at times, instantly—to shifting customer desires.” -Bain and Company

More than often, CRM is classified in the form of a software or a program to be used by your employees where they can fill in data in accordance with transactions. This helps companies as it gives marketers and other relevant departments up-to-date data to be used for coming up with strategies to please the ever-changing customer base.

It also helps them learn the newest behavior among customers and use that to problem-solve pain points and/or even create new products targeted at the latest trends.

What are competitors using CRM for?

Besides the benefit of pure data noted above, there are still many things companies aim to achieve through the use of CRM. Some of those includes:

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  • Gathering real-time market research 
  • Generating a more in-depth and ultimately reliable forecast of sales 
  • Increasing cooperation efficiency through staff members of different departments such as the sales and customer support staff 
  • Enable the financial prediction for any changes to be made 
  • Increasing customer retention and engagement 

In a nutshell, a CRM System is mainly used to gather that is specific in which to support decision making in the future, as well as to automate sales and procedures in the long-term.

Problems within CRM systems

At a glance, CRM seem like a staple system that every company focusing on sales and customer-based activities would need to help nourish their business. Although when fully functioning, there are certain flaws within these types of programs to be used by a company besides its obvious licensing and expense to implement. And that reason is—at its core—disengagement.

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It is not uncommon to hear words that “The people in sales simply won’t use CRM” for a varied amount of reasons. From thinking that the CRM is too tediously slow and gets in the way, to the paranoia of thinking the CRM is a monitoring tool existing simply to spot mistakes they might make.

It is simply a widespread fact that although when used properly, CRM can boost customer experience and even sales, most of the time the employees meant to use it simply won’t, thus voiding your investment on the program.

Where gamification comes in

As mentioned countless times in our blog, gamification is the process of applying game mechanics and thinking into non-game contexts for the purpose of making it fun and engaging. And that is where it all ties down.

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‘Fun’ as incentives

A lot of companies try to figure out incentives to make their employees use CRM more. Ways like giving a bonus pay, letting the employees compete for a grand prize and even up to promotions for the most diligent users. And yet, by introducing gamification to CRM and making it fun, you might see an increase in the voluntary use of the system by the engaged users.

Besides engaging the users, gamification also works on the other end as well as it engages your customers and let them have a more enjoyable experience, even beyond that of regular CRMs. Giving you the chance of increasing the average of 22% of customers who would voluntarily be a part of the community surrounding your business.

Finally, when you understand the concept of CRM and gamification’s role in improving its fundamentals, don’t hesitate to look for how to gamify CRM systems lest your competitors might start investing in it before you.


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