Viral Marketing As the New Goals

Creating good ads that are easy to understand and have viral potential is one of the targets of marketing. It is because good advertising will make people share it voluntarily. Thus, the costs of advertising products will be equal to the results that the company gets. That’s why viral marketing is currently becoming a new goal for your company.

One example of successful viral marketing is the Ramayana advertisement. The concept involved a qasidah group (religious choir) that sang songs with comedy glance. This ad goes viral and makes people talk on the internet over and over, to spread videos and memes about it.

V=viral marketing

Attractive ads will keep people talking about them. Therefore, it is common that companies are willing to pay dearly for the process of making viral advertisements. For those of you who want to try creating a viral ad, here are some tips you can follow.

Comedy or Heartwarming

People like comedy or heartwarming ads. You can choose one of these two concepts. Comedy ads must be unique and can make people relate to it. Therefore, create your ad script with a sense of public humor so that your ad will keep them entertained.

Meanwhile, for heartwarming advertisements, they must contain values of kindness and be conveyed in a relevant form. For this case, many of Thailand’s products have set a pretty high bar on their products advertisements. The country builds its own advertisement signature characteristic that has a touching story to raise public sympathy. Some of their advertisements have even gone viral in other countries.

In choosing the concept of advertising, make sure you adapt it to the product concept and company image that you want to show. A sincere and attractive ad will automatically appeal to the public. Don’t just be viral. You also have to have a clear message to convey.

Soft Selling Techniques

Soft-selling is an advertising technique that does not directly promote goods/services. The company will insert promotions indirectly in content and repack it with interesting stories. The form can vary, and the format is longer than hard-selling ads. For example, blog posts, Instagram captions, short movies, etc.

People like the concept of soft-selling because they can get other things, apart from the product information offered. They do not feel dictated or invited to buy products directly. There are entertainment and stories they get from the ad content, so they are willing to take the time to see it.

In 2017, Tropicana Slim also used soft selling techniques to advertise the danger of diabetes. They make a web series called Sore that air on YouTube. Starring top artists and packed in touching stories, this advertisement then touched the audience’s heart and went viral.

web series
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Short, Dense, and Clear

If you present it in the form of images, make an engaging and easy to remember design. For example, Nu Green Tea billboards ads that made for greeting Eid Al-Fitr, which seemed deliberately made with careless designs. This ad attracts people’s attention and makes them talk about it on social media.

If you use a feature, make sure it isn’t too long. Use a maximum of 500 words in the article. Imagine yourself as a reader who doesn’t have much time. You should write information that is to the point and easily understood by readers.

If you use video, pay attention to its duration. Don’t make it too long because the audience can get bored. You also have to package them with engaging stories, so that people can receive it well.

Those are some ways to create a viral ad. Viral marketing is the new goals. Therefore, you must create ads as engaging as possible.

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