Top 7 Best Tools for Your Project Management in 2019

Technology can be a helpful friend. As we have seen, there are now many technology products in the form of virtual assistants. They help us get things done regularly. One of them is a project management application. Furthermore, here are some project management tools that you can use to help manage your project.


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This project management tool will help you to coordinate tasks, lead the discussion, and ensures that everyone sticks on their tasks and deadlines. In other words, ProofHub offers some important features, such as planning, collaboration, monitoring, proofing, and reporting about the project progress. However, this application not well integrated yet.

Troop Messenger

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Troop messenger has some features that will help you communicate with your teams, such as audio calls, video calls, screen-sharing, and group chats. Also, it has a friendly user interface. Moreover, it has integrated with some well-known third-party applications.


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Taskworld is project management tools that perfect for project and visual management. It has a great system and offers a great way to manage multiple projects. However, this product also has disadvantages. One of them is that no feature allows us to export reports in Excel. Also, the Apple version has a less attractive interface.

Hubstaff Tasks

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It is another easy to use project management tools. It has a fast and simple operation system and can connect easily to the time tracking setup. Furthermore, because it is still relatively new, this application still needs a lot of improvement. Some of them are mobile versions that don’t work well, and the emergence of repetitive questions that sometimes bother users. Project Management Tool

Image via Source has a super friendly user interface. Also, it has powerful data manipulation and exporting tools. Some of the visual learners also find this app helpful. Furthermore, it also has great collaboration features that will help you track the project progress more easily. Meanwhile, the disadvantages of this application are subscription prices for big companies are more expensive, and there is no feature to set repeat schedules.


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Asana is a useful project management tool for tracking and managing your team’s project. It comes with an intuitive and simplistic user interface. However, if you choose to use this app, you have to set and update your project timeline manually. Also, it does not have a feature that allows you to set up private projects with another team members.


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Besides other project management tools, Trello has the best free project plan features. They allow you to have unlimited boards and users. Also, it has a friendly user interface that easy to learn. However, it also has some disadvantages. The feature is somehow too simple, which makes it doesn’t suitable for big business.

Those are some best project management tools, including their pros and cons. Moreover, in choosing the suitable tools to help your project, make sure you have known well what your team needs. It is because each application has a different feature that has designed for different uses.

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