Top 7 Growth Hacking Agencies You Need to Know

Choosing the right growth hacking agencies is one of the company’s initial investments. However, finding the right agency to work with is not easy. There are thousands of agencies that will compete to get your attention. In this case, you should not rush into a cooperation agreement with an agency. Make sure you have checked their track record and achievements in handling previous clients.

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Furthermore, reliable growth hacking agencies will be able to help you to find and learn the best strategy for your company. After that, they will also help you to optimize your campaign to accelerate your business’ development. Here are some of the best agencies that you can make references to help grow your business.

Growth Media

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The location of this growth hacking agency is in Ottawa, Canada. Their focus is on the main elements in growth, experimentation, iteration, and the right product development strategy. One of their clients is Revolut, which successfully double the rate of customer acquisition in the Canadian market, in only around 11 months.


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NoGood is a growth marketing agency based in NYC, United States. Since it was founded, this agency has been successful in marketing various technology brands. Furthermore, several giant companies that have worked with NoGood include IBM, P&G, Nike, J&J, Amex, Heineken, Southern Marsh, Harver, and Workzone.

The Growth Agency

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Located in Antwerp, Belgium, The Growth Agency is one of the growth hacking agencies that has worked with many big companies. Also, in developing marketing strategies, they form inbound marketing formulas with a focus on lead generation, testing, and automation. Furthermore, some companies that have worked with this agency include Nike and Unilever.


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GrowthRocks is a growth hacking agency located in London, UK. In developing its business, GrowthRocks has partners in several countries such as India, Finland, the US, and Greece. Some of the companies that have become their clients include ParentingHugs, Nokia, and Sophia Suits.

The 20 Media

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Located in Ahmedabad, India, The 20 Media is a growth hacking agency that specializes in content marketing and SEO mavens. In other words, they are experts in digital marketing by creating compelling content and promotion strategies, especially on social media. Some of the successful clients that they have handled are Wrike and Social JukeBox.

Cro Metrics

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Located in Kentfield, CA, this growth hacking agency has collaborated with various large companies, such as Facebook and Trulia. In developing their client’s business, they focus on paid advertising by creating a competitive advantage. According to Taulia Product Manager, Dana Kitrelle, the Cro Metrics team can always provide valuable input and be delivered quickly and frankly.

Agate LevelUp

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Agate level up is one of the growth hacking agencies located in Bandung, Indonesia. Its services consist of custom gamified learning, custom gamified assessment, and custom gamified advertising. Moreover, one of the gamification they have made is the Underwater Maze, which is used by Astra Group for employee recruitment purposes.

Those are some of the top growth hacking agencies that you need to know. Always remember that in choosing a marketing partner, you must adjust to the needs of the company. Or in other words, choosing the right agency as the company’s initial investment in terms of growth hacking.

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