The Shapes of Gamification in Talent Training

Why Gamification Positively Impacts Everyone

Gamification on training is a breakthrough solution recently in order to assure the talent management system in keeping employees engaged with the company. It can be formed in many shapes, from simulation training, video training, mobile learning, and many other more. Maybe some of us didn’t even realize that many parts of e-learning are actually a form of gamification. In this article, we will examine the many shapes of gamification training that can be used to increase employee engagement.

Mobile Learning Platform Training

Mobile Learning Platform Training is gamification training on mobile. The purpose of this kind of training is for employees to carry out training wherever they are with their smartphones. This will certainly make it easier for the employees as they have the handbook in, literally, their hand—talking about practicality and mobility.

Usually, training sessions in a company will be held at employees’ free time or even radically when they are currently on working hour. This certainly disrupts the employees, let alone the work. By using mobile learning the employees can manage a more effective time usage since it’s no need for them to leave their work just to attend a training class. Employees are able to do the training anywhere without disrupting their work and their productivity.

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The Shapes of Gamification in Talent Training

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Gnowbe is one of the best examples of this shape. Gnowbe is an education mobile app for action-based learning consisting of “bite-sized knowledge.” Content is values-driven and principle-based. It is designed for busy professionals and executives who have no time yet want to continue learning for their personal and professional development. It is a daily app that only requires 10-15 minutes per day. Each topic consists of 30 days each, based on the notion that it takes at least 30 days to start developing new habits. Content is action-based which means that each day includes actions that the user needs to do to apply their learning in practical ways.

Video Training

Sometimes people can easily remember if something presented with visual and image rather than the wall of text. According to research, the average person reads only 20% of the text on a regular webpage, while content with visual gets 94% more total views rather than a full of text content.

From the research, it is safe to assume that visual content is more likely have the ability to create a better focus and understanding since it can grab the attention of the audience easily. Based on that matter, many institutions have started to provide video training as a way to make training sessions more fun. In the meantime, it can also establish the retention of the training material to be more long lasting in the mind of the training participant.

The addition of gamification elements in video training can be executed by giving rewards for employees who have finished watching the video and try to actually apply it at least once into the daily work environment, to get a more hands-on experience.

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The Shapes of Gamification in Talent Training

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CreativeLive is an online education platform that broadcasts live classes to an international audience. The platform was built in 2010 and has over two billion minutes of course instruction. The average number of students tune in to each live broadcast ranged from 20.000 until 60.000 people. In CreativeLive, you can pick your online class topic from Photo & Video, Art & Design, Music & Audio, Maker & Craft, and Business & Money.

Simulation Training

Simulation derives from the word simulate. Simulate is an act to imitate the appearance or character, while simulation is an act to imitate of a situation or process. Training simulations are especially needed for workers in high-risk jobs such as pilots, construction workers, doctors, and a variety of life-related occupations and safety matter.

Training simulations are also able to provide an immersive sensation with the real thing in the real world as well as able to provide a cheaper cost and minimize the risk of a fatal problem that might occur on training.

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The Shapes of Gamification in Talent Training

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Flight Simulator X is a flight simulation computer game by Microsoft Game Studios. It is able to provide an immersive simulation as if the trainee is flying an actual plane. Thanks to its accuracy, this game is still used by people who want to learn to be pilots from scratch and still used by some potential pilots before entering the pilot school.

Brain Training

Often we find many games that test our brain intelligence such as Mind Games, Brain Wars etc. This type of game sharpens our intelligence in our brains by giving a variety of problems. This type of game able to train our brain since the player must master various abilities such as logical, spatial, mathematical, and many other abilities in facing types of problem that triggers our brain to think more.

This can have an impact on productivity in companies where employees with high levels of intelligence and have many capabilities will give a benefit to company. Employees will also feel their thinking ability faster and better than before if their offices often provide them with brain training.

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The Shapes of Gamification in Talent Training

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Fit Brains is mobile/online software for brain training created by Vivity Labs and then to Rosetta Stone. The game was developed by Michael Cole, a game developer, Paul Nussbaum, a neuropsychologist, and Mark Baxter, who had worked in the brain training field for the prior seven years.

Understanding the shape of gamification that’s right for you and your company can lead you to many benefits, such as grasping significant rise of employee engagement and to create a working environment where your employee feel comfortable with your company pace of work.

If you can choose the shape of this gamification appropriately while adjusting to what the company needs, then you do not have to bother thinking hard to find a right strategic about keeping the employee because the engagement issue will come along.


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