The Old Vs New Way of Training

The Old VS The New (Way of Training)

According to Oxford Dictionary, training is the action of teaching a person a particular skill or type of behaviour. But according to most of the employee today, training is a boring, monotonous, tiresome, and uninteresting activity that seems to only become a formality. If the employee didn’t find their training awesome or at least interesting, the company will lose a key factor to drive revenue and great workplace and work habit called “engagement”.

The old and conventional training can annul everything that has been taught in the training sessions. It may be caused by the instrument used which usually consists of a long and boring textbook, as well as the inflexible learning place. The new way of training such as gamification on training can eliminate those things. A breakthrough movement is made to modify the tiresome and uninteresting training to be more fun and engaging. On this article, we will break down what’s making the new way of training more effective on this disruption era of technology rather than an old one.

Complementary Turns into Necessity

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The new way of training such as applying gamification on training can bring the fun in training session—something that sounds a bit peculiar in the old way of training. When people are having fun and happy, they can bring so much positivity value in their life whether it is in the workplace or in their daily life.

In the past, the employee that signed for the company only took the money and didn’t think about their personal life. But the trend has changed. Today, it’s not just about the money in the back of the employee’s mind, but seeking experience, life-changing moment, and the chance to help the growth of the company—the urge of having a purpose. The workforce of today takes their work life as the experience, not just a boring task. Therefore, establishing a fun working environment is no longer a complementary but a necessity in this fast moving business to gain as much as revenue in return.

Low Cost and Risk

The Old VS The New (Way of Training)

The interface of construction site through Crane Simulation VR by Agate.

The high risk and cost might occur to the hazardous industry, such as construction site worker, pilot, the bus driver with the extreme track, and medical industry—doctor and other medical workers, in this case. Their profession demands them to go into the real condition that has a high chance of harming the participants and other company’s inventory. In addition to the condition stated, these training cost way more (just imagine the expense for corpses that commonly used as the experimental instrument in medical training or the expenditure for acquiring heavy equipment that must be provided on the site).

Gamification eradicates these problems by using simulation type of training. Before entering the real deal, training participant can utilize the VR version or simply a game that is designed to simulate the condition for the participant to adapt. If the training participant does some false moves, it can be easily wiped and can be restarted back to square one, just like a normal game and less likely to harm anybody. It’s a win-win solution.

Real-Time and More Comprehensive Result

The old way of training can take up to some times to analyze the employee capability and its absorptive capacity for a material. In most cases, they can’t even get a real-time and comprehensive result that can cause employees’ mismanagement.

With the advance of the technology, this thing won’t happen anymore. Using new way of training, trainers can track their employee activity and achievement. These can be the base for measuring whether it’s the habit or capability of the employee.

Retaining the Flow

To keep good vibe on life and work, an employee must retain the flow. In psychology, flow is also known as the zone. It is the mental state in which a person is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. It is characterized by complete absorption in what one does.

To create the flow, a great way of training must be applied through the effort of engagement initiative. Once the initiative fulfilled its purpose, the employee might have a bigger chance to achieve the flow that makes them work much better and more productive.

Environmental Contribution

The Old VS The New (Way of Training)


In this era of climate change, we know that our mother earth is on the brink of danger level. Old ways of training utilize so many papers in printing the module—which usually contains all the training material to people across the division and regional. It’ll hurt our environment as the wood stock stumbled down each and every year.

When using the new technology such as gamification or some application on our gadget, we can definitely reduce the use of paper. By doing so, we also contribute to making the earth to be a better place to live. Is there any better way to retain an image of a company other by implementing the go green movement?


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