Social Media CRM to the Rescue

In the business world, establishing good relations with consumers is a must. You must listen to their praise and criticism. Therefore, all companies are required to continue to improve their customer service. The goal is to grab customers so they won’t turn to other companies and leave bad comments and impression.  In terms of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), feedback ticketing is a widely used method, however, there’s a new way of handling your customers today; through social media CRM.

Social media is one of the places most often used by consumers to complain. Unfortunately, in terms of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), many companies still underestimate the role of social media. However, if you can maximize it, social media can be the most efficient tool to improve your CRM. Here are some ways to develop CRM with social media

Beware of Silos in Your Company

Each department must work together and collaborate so that they can transfer information quickly. Therefore, you must destroy silos that may be in the team. All employees must have the same vision, which together strives to develop the company. As a leader, you have to eliminate gaps between departments. You must improve company management so that all divisions can work together to develop your CRM strategy. 

Social Media CRM to Monitor Your Consumer Experience

You must learn to build long-term relationships with consumers. One of them is by tracking their journey and experiences while using your brand. Create an image that makes consumers feel your brand is growing with them. Respond to the comments they give when using your product. It will make them feel like they have a personal connection and attachment with you. 

Respond to Complaints as Quickly as Possible 

Some consumers usually do not want to wait too long for customer service’s answers and choose to complain about the product’s social media. Therefore, one of the simplest ways to improve your CRM strategy is to speed up your response to consumer complaints. This effort aims to turn negative sentiment into a positive experience. You don’t want to lose customers just because you failed to respond to negative comments on Twitter and Facebook, don’t you?

Complaint response
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Maximize the Use of Hashtag and Keyword

Besides promotions and brand awareness, a hashtag is also useful for monitoring your users’ activities on social media. Therefore, you need to maximize the use of hashtags in each product launch or company program. Thus, you can check their comments and responses by searching using hashtags or keywords that your company usually uses. 

Maintain Your Brand Voice

Brand voice is one way to humanize a brand. Some elements in brand voice include character, tone, language, and purpose. These elements then form the image of a company in the consumers’ eyes. For example, Grab and Go-Jek that reply to consumers’ responses on Twitter humorously. They do this consistently and makes their company seem friendly to consumers. 

Those are some ways to develop a CRM strategy with social media. If you want to grow your company, you cannot avoid using social media to serve consumers. With comprehensive planning, social media can be the most efficient tool to improve your CRM. Furthermore, it can also be the front face that shows how the character of your company.

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