Release Date : 2015
Client : Kementrian Kesehatan Republik Indonesia
Platform : Mobile
Game Engine : Unity

Seutas Pita Merah


HIV/AIDS is often still considered a taboo topic, hence the low awareness. To cope with this matter, Health Promotion Division (Promkes) under the Ministry of Health Indonesia wanted to create a fun platform to educate especially young people about HIV/AIDS.


We developed Seutas Pita Merah, a visual novel game with moving story about how to cope with the whole HIV/AIDS . The player will take the role as Maya/Angga, a student that has just graduated from high school whose approaching an HIV/AIDS-infected friend. The game is also enhanced with the presence of HIV/AIDS expertise to guide players on learning about the disease.


• Enjoyable visual novel storyline & art style
• Motivate user to learn more about HIV/AIDS
• The ability to trigger emotional conflicts between every important decision