Playing It Safe in the Big Data Era

Big data makes it highly possible for anyone to access and collect our data as we must leave digital footprints on the internet. This collection of data is able to provide many analytical aspects for certain purposes. Nevertheless, convenience sometimes comes with some problems, one of which is the problem of data privacy in big data security. The misusing issue is highly possible as to how varied the source of the data is. Therefore, there must be anticipation so that the use of big data does not violate laws and regulations. Here some things you need to know about how to play it safe in the big data era.

 Big data security

The Big Data Security

Every consumer activity data recorded in big data will be used by companies or organizations to improve their products and services. These data include personal information that might have the risk of misuse by irresponsible parties. Therefore, companies must be wise to use and maintain the confidentiality of their customer’s personal information so that the data will not leak. Furthermore, the company should also consider the level of protection that must be developed to maintain the security of their customer’s information.

Even though it has become the company’s responsibility to maintain consumer privacy data, consumers should also be wise in sharing their data. User needs to read carefully about the privacy and policy provisions before agreeing to share their data with the company or organization. Also, make sure to check the credibility of the company because big companies usually have a better security system

Things to Consider in an Effort to Maintain Data Privacy

In managing big data, companies or organizations need to maintain a balance between privacy, security, and performance. To better understand how to manage the security of your big data, here are some things to consider.

  • Companies need to apply business rules to IT infrastructure to maintain consistency, operations, and control of the company’s workflow.
  • To avoid misinformation, the company need to check the quality of their data source before processing it.
  • The company should also make sure the source that they have used has a good reputation and responsibility.
  • The privacy and policy standards should include filters with various choices so users can choose what data they will share with the company.
  • Regular data check is important to control every information that comes in and out. It also serves to filter the data shared by the company.

GDPR: How EU Protect the Privacy of Their Citizens

European Union is implementing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for data protection. It includes all world companies that store, process and utilize personal data from 28 countries belonging to the EU. This regulation has been approved since April 2016 and has officially commenced since May 25, 2018. Meanwhile, the controlled data includes basic information such as name, address, and ID number; web data such as location, IP address, cookies, and RFID; health and genetic data; biometric data; ethnicity and race; political opinion; and sexual orientation.

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Companies that cannot maintain user privacy data from the EU can be subject to sanctions in the form of large amounts of fines and a series of legal actions. Therefore, companies that claim data users from the EU must increase their data security. Other countries may be able to follow this rule to protect their citizen’s data privacy.

Those are some of the things we must pay attention to about how to play it safe the big data era. Consumers and companies must be careful in managing personal data so that they can minimize the misuse of personal data. Consideration of risk and security must continue to be improved so that private data can be kept confidential.

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