Overcome Top Corporate Universities

Overcome Top Corporate Universities

Imagine the large, major companies that had created their own corporate universities and succeeded in developing optimal employees that soon rose among their ranks. Corporate universities like McDonald’s Hamburger University were among the first to truly succeed in this initiative and is still standing strong after decades of operation. However, should you truly follow their lead or take 2 steps forward and try to overcome them?

The example that isn’t followed

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Despite so many corporate universities that started after the first few that had stood, there are still many failures that lead to risky situations and even up to bankruptcy. Most of them could be because they have their own agendas that didn’t end up as they thought it would. Some may have fallen in fatal mistakes that are impossible to recover from. Or maybe it just hasn’t occurred to them to follow the lead of the leaders.

While most Corporate Universities are somewhat secretive, many are actually known about the famous Hamburger University. And here are some things that they’ve done that could be the key to building or maintaining the large corporate training investment, which is a corporate university.

HU Study Case: What to learn from the learning facility

Gathered from multiple sources such as Business Insider, Wixsite, Chicago Tribune and much more, below are the shared information of Hamburger University’s success and what to make of it.

Starting Small

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This is not implying that you should start as small as when HU first started in 1961, but the hint is definitely there. You must understand that starting out with such a facility in too large of a scale will do you no good. Should the initiative fail, you would lose the giant amounts of funding that would have been needed to establish such a facility in the first place. Instead, start small and improve on it steadily.

Incorporating a Modern Curriculum

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HU manages to blend a perfect combination of practices, e-learning, and classroom learning. Something that many companies struggle with as coming up with efficient education may not be the company’s forte. But the main focus here is how flexible Hamburger University dealt with the education it provides. Besides using e-learning, Hamburger University also implements many others small but useful things that are often glanced over by other companies.

Fully Support Student Progress

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A Corporate University isn’t some kind of factory where you can train as many employees as you can, it’s a learning institute. When it comes to learning, you can’t just expect the students to be handed a heavy module and learn everything from there. Hamburger University cares for their students by “tracking and assessing their progress”. Meanwhile, they also dedicate coaches and peer support to help retain what they have learned and apply their knowledge once back at work. A certain amount of dedication is needed to truly help the students grow into model workers that are happy with their company.

A Clear Main Goal

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Many corporate universities now offer other studies that may be irrelevant to the trainee’s future, and this is disrupting the training process. Though trying to cater to the wants of the trainees is a good thing to do, you must also consider its impact. Both cost-wise and result-wise. On the other hand, Hamburger University stuck with their target of training capable managers and leaders. And through that goal, formed the curriculum accordingly. They add new things to learn for their students, but all of which still revolves around their end goal.

Overcoming Leading Corporate Universities

Overcome Top Corporate Universities 

While following the lead of leaders are incredibly useful to catch up on the years of the gap that had grown, you must take a step further should you wish to be better. While CorpUs like Hamburger University keeps on innovating, if one wishes to be better, they must seek to do the same after catching up. There are multitudes of ways to innovate further on the effectiveness of Corporate Universities.

Perhaps trying out something similar to what the corporate university boom in Indonesia had led to a competition for the best innovations which participants share. Or perhaps apply gamification to a more engaging university system is it for managing or learning. Knowing the path made by leaders and going beyond them is the key to coming out on top.


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