Gamify Your 2020 Resolution – Try These Apps to Better Your Life [Infographic]

New year, new resolution. You may have set up your plans and targets for the coming year. However, are you sure you can achieve your goals? Or does your resolution only end up being a plan? For those of you who want change, maybe this is the time to try gamify for resolution 2020.

As we have seen, gamification has become a trend lately. Various fields of organization and business use gamification to facilitate their systems. Besides, it turns out gamification can also help you set self-management. Therefore, for those of you who want to try something new next year, here is an application that you can use for gamified for resolution 2020.

Zombies, Run!

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The first application for gamified for resolution 2020 is Zombies, Run! This application will make you play Runner 5, a messenger who tries to survive in a post-apocalyptic world that full of zombies. Moreover, in this game, you have to run outside to find supplies during hard conditions.

When running, you have to take some supplies, like batteries or water. In this case, the mission you get depends on the game mode. Moreover, you can also adjust the settings, between times runs or GPS tracking. This application is one of the most fun ways to gamified for resolution 2020.

Habit RPG

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This application works like a classic RPG game. Firstly, you must create a character that describes yourself. After that, your goal is to increase your character’s level and get gold after completing tasks. In this case, there are three categories of tasks that you need to complete, namely:

  • Habits: can be about positive and negative things, and you need to do several times.
  • Dailies: tasks that you must complete every day. If not finished, your character’s health will decrease.
  • To-Dos: a to-do list that you must complete in one go.

This application is suitable for you who are trying to be gamified for resolution 2020 because it will help you to stay motivated.

Khan Academy

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Khan Academy was originally a series of YouTube math tutorials that Salman Khan created for his family. Then, they developed this series into an application. In this case, the application invites users to complete tasks in the fields of science and mathematics. Besides, users will also get rewards for each successful completion of level courses. This gamified for resolution 2020 app is suitable for you who want to improve your abilities and knowledge in the fields of science and mathematics.

Those are some gamified for resolution 2020 that you can try. In essence, with high consistency and discipline, you can achieve your resolutions. Furthermore, from several applications above, which one is more that suits your needs? Do take a look at our infographics below for some inspiration! Gamify your resolution with us!

Gamify Your Personal

Life for The Better


“Gamification is turning a task into a game in order to motivate yourself to do it.

The beauty of gamification is that the difficulty of task (or how dreary

it may seem) can be offset if you feel rewarded for completing it.”

Deep Patel

Serial Entrepreneur, Marketer, and Writer


Why Gamification Works

Trigger Powerful

Emotions and Feeling



Grant Gratification

and Enjoyment

Motivating Rewards

or Incentive


Gamification's Element to Enhance Your Life

Story Line

A story line helps to guide you throughout the learning process and keeps them engaged and connected to the training


The challenges throughout the eLearning process are well-mapped to the learning to the learning objectives. 


As you complete a challenge (a skill improvement or increased knowledge), your level is advancing, hence creating a unique learning path.


The rewards are achieved as you grow and develop new skill sets.


As you receive rewards for completion and improvement, you will also likely to receive feedback to help gauge your progress in learning


Receiving a score or points helps to invoke a certain depth of your sense of accomplishment.


The leaderboards promote competition and show progress amongst you and the peer


Analytics are not only supplied regarding your score, but also receives information regarding progress to better understand how you are advancing.

Define your goals and establish a number of points for each one

Instead of “lose weight”, you could note “lose 12 pounds by January”.

Attach a small mission to your larger goals

These little goals will help you work toward big ones.

Set up a to-do list with various daily “challenges”

If you don’t meet all your goals in a single day, just give yourself a minus points for that challenge.

Track and record your progress

Measure how close you are to your goal.

Set up checkpoints to measure your progress

Brainstorm more small missions to reach your goals sooner if you are not satisfied with your progress

Reward yourself once you reach a set number of points

Examples of rewards can include: a spa day, date night with your partner, buy new books, and so on.



Dualingo is an app that’s designed to help users learn a second language of their choice through a variety of science-based methods. The app is free, and is also available in a desktop format.


This app is useful for learning many musical instruments, such as guitar, piano even voice. Yousician provide steps by step levelling and rewarding to encourage players improving their skill.


Fitbit is a physical wellness application that will give you points whenever you accomplish its physical training tasks.


Need to track all of your life goals? This app is useful to be your reminder and accomplish your personal goals with allies supporting you.


HabitRPG seeks to help you improve your life bit by bit, based on the idea that repetition builds habit. Fill in several categories with activities you’d like to start or end: Habits, Dailies, and To-Dos.


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