Big Data, The Big Game Changer

Technology development has helped many to solve problems. In the business world, big data is one of the technology products that change everything since 2005. In short, it is a compilation of large amounts of information institution or company keep. It has become the main requirement for various companies to innovate recently. Various open-source software such as Hadoop, NoSQL, and Spark also play an important role in processing big data. This software is useful for helping to store and to process large amounts of data.

Big data has a great potential to be the game changer in doing business. In the era of everything-4.0, various paradox such as online-offline, style and substance, machine-to-machine and human-to-human makes up the business. And big data provides the ability to combine those paradoxes into a strategic result.

Big Data as The Business Determiner

Access to information has never become easier after the Internet of Things (IoT) appears. The use of the internet and media digitalization across devices make it easier for companies to access consumer behavior data. It comes in various kinds of input, such as photos, videos, and text. This input can be seen across social media and becomes search engine queries. The company in need may collect and process it to find out the character, habit, and needs of the market. The result then becomes the basis to develop the services and features they offer. Not only that, it can also go as far as deciding the type of product and sales strategy. In the end, big data can help companies continue to innovate to satisfy consumers.

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In Indonesia, a success story on using big data comes from Go-Jek. Big data processing on Go-Jek helps to develop every service provided by them. The user’s habit when using the application will provide information which will then help Go-Jek optimize its features. Their big data process the data from their back-end system, such as location, user profile, partner profile, and each transaction made to increase their insight.

For example, in improving the Go-Food facility, Go-Jek will use big data to find new prospective merchants. Meanwhile, for Go-Ride, it can accurately provide information about the most frequent and most visited places by Go-Jek’s user.

The Probably Big Challenge

.As big as it is, big data also comes with its limitations. When facing a data-and-analytic era, companies are demanded to find a specific result to provide a specific product or service. In order to find such tailored information, custom processing tools or even automation might be the only way to do it. And may cost a bit too much. However, fear not that the cost comes at the right return.

Every activity you do while connecting to the internet will be recorded and can be used by the company to improve its services. The volume of data that continues to increase each year is a challenge for various companies and organizations to increase the data infrastructure ability and its speed of processing.

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