Why Gamified IoT is the Future

If you aren’t already tired of us pitching gamification as a wondrous initiative applicable to almost anything, then we have a special one for you this time. Imagine a world where, through the ease of access and data collection, you are already treated to a dedicated and personalized experience in any establishment you go to. With gamification combined into existing internet of things, this will be possible and perhaps sooner than you would imagine.

Gamified IoT

The Tech That’s Making It Possible

You may have heard of the term ‘single sign-on/in’. And if you haven’t, it is the term used for when a single account is used to access relevant yet independent systems outside of it. This help back the case of Social Sign-Ins; which is to use your social media accounts to check in at various places. Through social sign-ins, we adhere to one of the most ‘risky’ practices of social media, which is to “sell” our private data.

Gamification’s Collaboration with IoT

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Now that you know about the tech and ideology backing it, let’s take a look at what’s happening because of it. With smart (IoT) devices predicted to reach over 20 billion by 2020, far surpassing the amount of humans in this world, it is now that gamification will truly reach its peak. Although gamification is never truly dependent on technology, the efficiency technology can bring leave so much potential for a more engaging experience all around.

On the Internet, we can already see ads being conformed to resemble our preferences online, but with the amounts of real-life interconnected devices, we’ll see more of that personalized experience.

What Gamification Brings to the Table

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As with many of the standard gamification proceeds; engagement, loyalty, satisfaction, spending, sharing, and many other factors are among the things gamification offers. And through the help of the abundance of data collection provided by an Internet of Things, gamified experiences have never been so potentially immersive. And these experiences include:

  • Real-time interactions, to help anticipate a consumer’s needs and wants. Perhaps offering them what they didn’t even think they want but do.
  • Strong loyalty features such as a leaderboard of visiting times; visible to others with IoT devices.
  • Real-time data as points can for example turn saved electricity bills each month with a customer’s smart thermostat that can be used to unlock levels and benefits.
  • Personal analytics can help establishments’ IoT devices learn about you through each visit, from remembering your name to warning you about food/beverages you might be allergic to.
  • Social Engagements are enriched with products that ask you to log in via social media such as the Nike+ and FitBit, helping you share your exercise results directly from the product.
  • Offers of discounts and coupons exclusively to the customers that might find it interesting also saves on unnecessary price cutbacks while at the same time rewards loyalty.

With gamification, not only will consumers have a bit more fun in their daily life, but they will also find so much more convenience in it as well.

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