Why Gamification Boosts Your Sales

Why Gamification Boosts Your Sales

Before you read on, below are some examples of how gamification can exponentially grow a company’s campaign and revenue.

And now that a few of the countless available shreds of evidence are out of the way, let’s talk about why.

Motivation, Mutual Benefits and Engagement

Are basically the three vital things in marketing that gamification will help with as long as you apply it correctly. Note the term used correctly, however.

If you have read our previous articles, mainly this one about the proper use of gamification, you’d know that gamification comes with a bit of a steep risk. Mainly with it being able to completely backfire on you if you underestimate it and think that slapping on a scoring system and leaderboard and be done with it would be enough and net you easy profits.

Proper usage aside, let us first get back to the topic at hand.

  • Motivation

Drive and motivation is the key. From the study by the gamification expert Yu-kai Chou’s Octalysis Framework, we can understand that gamification can make it easy for us to tap into the 8 cores that drive a human to do anything that they do, with the actual Octalysis portrayed below.

Why Gamification Boosts Your SalesSource of Image and Study 

With the help of gamification and perhaps social media, we can that much easily engage our consumers and tap into their drive to play along. 

  • Mutual Benefits

What most people seem to easily forget is that marketing campaign needs to be mutually beneficial. The customers would want to have something to gain by playing along and eventually benefitting you with either sales or at the very least, further the reach of your campaign by sharing it with who they know.

Gamification can easily give this to them with the benefit being as cheap as simple entertainment without you giving any further rewards that might be costly (Although when doubled with it, might actually prove to have a more substantial effect).

Why Gamification Boosts Your SalesImage via Source 

  • Engagement

Because what is gamification if not tied to the word engagement? This is the diamond that gamification brings to your lap. The gamification of your targeted users.

With a bit of creativity and proper use, you can practically manipulate your customers to buy anything or play anything, all with the powers of engagement.

Be wary

Why Gamification Boosts Your Sales

This is just one more warning, but you must absolutely be wary about using gamification. Indeed the temptations of cheap but lucrative marketing is hard to resist, but again, there is an emphasis on creativity when it comes to applying such strategy. If you’re having a hard time figuring out a clever strategy yourself, it is recommended that you hire a consultant or simply work with professionals to create the whole gamification program for you. Although even they would probably give you some advice before going with your ideas. Because in all honesty, though gamification is a great solution, it is not a magic-bullet that simply fixes all your problems. 

Ask yourself for a second before you decide to invest your resources on gamification: 

Why would gamification boost your sales?

Sadly, if you can’t have a proper answer to that after reading this article, then gamification might not be for you… if you’re uncertain because of the risks, however, try to learn more about what can fail and why they would fail before venturing too far into this investment and risking any actual loss. It should help a lot.


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