The Ultimate Guide in Hiring an Excellent Project Manager

Sometimes, when hiring project managers or employees, we find their performance is not aligned with our expectations. Often, they look so bright during the interview process but are very bad at work even in arranging their schedules when they start working. This condition may make recruiters regret choosing candidates.

If you choose the wrong project manager, not only your program will fail. On the other hand, you can also lose other employees because of work conflicts. So, how to hire a project manager that suits your company? Here is the ultimate guide to hiring an excellent project manager that you can follow.

Test Their Leadership Skills

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When hiring a project manager, you need to look at the leadership skills they have. In this case, you can create interview questions that can dig deeper into their character. You can try to ask about their most difficult experiences when leading a project and how they handled it.

Check Their Tech Skills

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Another important thing when you hire a project manager is you also need to make sure that they have at least basic technology skills. It is because someone who has this skill tends to have a better analytical side. At the very least, make sure they master the tools related to the work they face. Thus, the probability of success is even greater.

See Their Passion When You Hire Project Manager

A project manager must also have a strong passion for leading projects. Therefore, when you hire a project manager, you need to discuss it first. In this case, if you do not feel his passion, it means he is not the person you are looking for to be your project manager. Another hint you may apply: don’t hire someone who complains more than try to evaluate his previous position or company.

Get Some Details of The Project Goals

You can see details about themselves when they tell their previous work experience. From the story, you will see their strengths and weaknesses before you even ask. Therefore, when hiring a project manager, assess the experiences they tell and double-check with their resume, including how they have achieved their targets so far. Also, make sure it works according to your company. Thus, you can reduce the possibility of a clash with the team.

Choose Experience Over Certification

One of the mistakes of companies when hiring project managers is that they prioritize certification over experience, whereas many experienced project managers are not certified. In this case, you should prioritize experience rather than certification. Furthermore, a good project manager will be self-disciplined to do everything, even in a remote situation.

Those are some of the ultimate guides to hire a project manager you need to know. In essence, the right project manager will be able to help the success of the program that you design. Besides, the right person will also bring a pleasant work atmosphere, so you don’t need to lose another employee because of conflict. Therefore, use an effective and long term recruitment process so that you do not mistakenly recruit people or project managers.

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