Top 10 2019 Learning Initiative Trends

Learning, be it for corporate use or general, are heading towards a better path. With the advancements of technology, things like e-learning and distance learning are becoming a well-viable option. But what of the other options? What kind of upcoming trends and strategies will be effective for the coming year? Below is a list of some professionally acclaimed initiatives from variable renowned sources such as Forbes and Udemy.

Top 10 2019 Learning Initiative Trends

1. Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning is the use of algorithms to specify modules and effectively give them to the learners that need them the most. By taking initial tests, a software can see where the learner struggles and helps them remediate low-scoring aspects rather than general learning of a whole module.

2. Virtual Reality

Top 10 2019 Learning Initiative Trends

It has been implemented since a long while ago where a learner would use a simulation to prepare themselves better for a high-risk work. UPS used a Virtual Hazard Detection program to simulate scenarios for their fleet drivers and reportedly to reduce crashes by 38%. And games like Crane Training Simulation can help workers immerse themselves more accurately before taking on such work.

3. Artificial Intelligence

AIs have been strongly growing with technology in recent years. Among them, learning bots are being offered by many companies as part of their solutions. AIs have really big potential with their own learning capabilities as a guide to better help a learner study. AIs may one day serve as an incredibly cheaper replacement for a more in-depth module personalization. And with the advancement in technology, 2019 might even be the year for it.

4. Distance Learning

Sometimes known as self-paced online learning, distance learning provides a way for learners to take on modules and materials and focus for themselves which matter needs more of their attention. This method requires a high amount of dedication from the learner part, but if implemented well, could be the key for a more independent-oriented learner.

5. Simulated Learning

Top 10 2019 Learning Initiative Trends

The difference from VR here is that Simulated Training doesn’t necessarily require VR. Phones can simulate buttons and complex controls, visual novels for a multitude of devices like The Code can enact office environments, et cetera.  

6. Microlearning

Microlearning is when you shrink down large modules into multiple bite-sized ones that are easier and quicker to go through. This is a great method that has started to pick up really fast in the year of 2018. This objective-driven method is effective for a more organization-centric knowledge learning.

7. Soft Skill Development Focus

In the success of a business, reach and variety can play a very crucial aspect. The development of soft skills for learners can help to encourage improving essential skills that facilitate communication, collaboration, emotional intelligence, etc. A focus on this initiative can help a company to have a wider reach of credentials while at the same time helping employee retention through their own feedbacks.

8. Gamified E-Learning

Top 10 2019 Learning Initiative Trends

E-learning by itself only facilitates the ease of access for learning. However, without any further customization, its potential is wasted. Many e-learning platforms like Levio, are focusing more and more about making the content effective while at the same time engaging. It’s not enough to serve the module to learners at any time, but it must also be presented in a way that won’t be boring as regular learning tends to be. Gamified Learning is a trend that has existed for a while, and will continue to prove beneficial onwards.

9. Social Learning Experience

A majority of your corporate learners most likely is already using social media, blogs, and online forums. Therefore, they are a great addition to learning initiatives. Learners can use these social learning tools to interact with peers and gain peer-by-peer feedback. They also have the ability to share online training resources and/or create their own online training content, which improves comprehension even more.

10. Engagement from Top Executives

And finally, a trend that’s been going on is the participation of the highest executives in the planning, and sometimes even execution of the training program. This way, the training will keep in mind the exact goals that the leaders want to achieve through the training. Through this initiative, it may also help establish a better understanding and relationship of the employer and the employees for a better year of HR.


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