Things to Make Use When Applying Gamification

Things to Make Use When Applying Gamification

If you’ve seen our previous post about what to avoid when applying gamification, you would know that there are more failed attempts at gamification than there are successes in the business world. But you might also figure out that as long as you know what you’re doing, gamification isn’t all that big of a risk. In fact, if you know what to do, gamification will exclusively bring you improvements on various things, and that is including boosting your sales. 

Things to Make Use When Applying Gamification

What Can Be Used with Gamification

Though most of the time, you can hear again and again “What gamification can do for you” and it can do many things, but objectively, there are 3 core things gamification can help you with as a solution. 


Enabling Innovation

The British news and media, The Guardian, posted various examples of unbelievable gamification that shows brilliant innovation. Where through gamification, players/users from around the world who—mind you—mostly have no background in science or related matters who crowdsourced together to help solve some of the biggest problems in science or our world in general that stumped scientists for decades. And this only goes to show that humans, if engaged enough can be put together to solve anything. And through it, something like Crowdsource Marketing can benefit from gamification as well.

Changing Behavior

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The main thing that gamification can and should be doing for you, is changing the behavior of the users. For example: From being reluctant on buying your product that they may not need, to feeling like it might be the one thing they actually do need.  

Gamification helps you do this because as games itself has a tendency to change the behavior of its players as explained by the Designing Firm, Medium. And through playing games, people would often adopt new habits and way of thinking, where through your designs, should be made to help the users attain a habit that benefits you. 

Developing Skillsets

As users become engaged in your gamified plan, you can more easily help them learn skills you’d want as they play. And within marketing or sales, there’s no better example than how Autodesk gamified the free trial of their 3D modeling software to help beginners learn to use their product. This practice resulted in a pretty high rate of engagement that they’d actually buy the software and fall in love with it. Further added, it even drove a 15% increase in buy-clicks from within the software itself.

Importance of User Motivation and Drive

But of course, the main problem of any sort of implementation of a program is more than often caused by lack of drive or motivation as explained by the Software Company, Saba. Because no matter how well designed the program is, if the users aren’t motivated to even try it, the program is doomed to fail before it starts. 

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Often times you must give a sense of urgency to your users so that they would even participate or register in your gamification plan something achievable through black hat gamification techniques.  Which might sound bad, but actually is one of the more effective way to display a sense of urgency for your users as, in a way, it is actually the method used by the game company Zynga to quickly make their old Facebook game, Farmville into such a viral hit, spreading from consumer to consumer.

Creativity is Your Key

As for the most important thing to make use of gamification, Creativity and innovation would be the most crucial, if not, also the hardest to quite pick out. You might already know, but gamification isn’t a one size fits all type of solution. All sorts of variables must always be considered. Such as what your product is, your customer base, your target audience, what type of gamification you are looking to create and so forth. All of which would need different types of attention to detail and thinking. 

And yet, if you look at the fundamentals written above which is essential to any form of gamification, you should at least have one of your foot out the doorway already. And now, it’s up to you to take the rest of the way. 


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