The Ultimate List of 10 Growth Hacking Tips for Startup

During startup growth competition in Indonesia, creating the right growth hack is one of the essential things. As a business owner, you must be good at recognizing the market and finding the best ways to maintain user loyalty. To survive amid the rapid development of startups in Indonesia, some startup growth hacking tips below might be a solution for you.

CRM and Marketing Automation

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The first step you should consider is automating manual tasks. You can get an all-in-one CRM that already involves sales, marketing, and support automation. Also, it will integrate your various applications to save time, increase collaboration, and reduce costs. Furthermore, this step will also help you to automate marketing so that it can increase brand awareness easier. Plus, don’t forget to train your employees on how to use the application to reach that optimal efficiency.

Do not Hesitate to Invest

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You have to spend money to get more money. Some of the investments that must be made by new startups include technology investment, social media campaigns, or recruiting top talent if needed. As we know, great investments also have a high risk. However, if successful, this business will be worth the price you have paid.

Create Attractive Content Marketing

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Focus on your content marketing to create a great startup growth hack. In this case, make the content relevant to your target audience. If necessary, create a blog that contains the things that your target market is most search. Also, invite them to subscribe so they can receive the latest information via email every day. This step will help you create solid relationships with users.

Always Prioritize Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the first thing you should consider. If you can provide the best experience for them, they will continue to come with pleasure. The aim is not only to add new customers, but also to maintain relationships with old users. In essence, by providing a pleasant experience, satisfied consumers will keep coming continuously.

Recruiting Experts

Choose people who are experts to occupy vital positions. Thus, you will have the best people, especially for developing your growth hack strategy. It would be far better to pay a little more for a crucial position than to take risks by recruiting inexperienced people.

Maximize the Use of Social Media

To compete with other startups, you need to maximize the function of social media. Join the social media group. After that, share valuable information to enhance your company’s reputation. By actively doing this, your company’s social media engagement will increase. Furthermore, you can also use social media ads to expand the range of your audience.

Mobile Optimization is A Must

Another thing that is no less important is that you need to make adjustments to the appearance of the cellphone. It is because most internet users now access the platform through their mobile phones. If your display platform is not mobile-friendly, people will immediately close it and are reluctant to linger.

Working with Influencers

Furthermore, you can also work with industry influencers who have many followings on social media. By building good relationships, you can exchange exposures that benefit both parties. This step is a strategic step in the startup growth hack.

Generate and Nurture Brand Advocates

Build good trust with customers, employees, and people around you. As such, they will be happy to promote your brand. Word of mouth promotion is one of the most effective ways for startup growth hacking because people tend to trust information from people they know.

Measuring Achievement of Targets

In a startup growth hacking strategy, don’t forget to evaluate regularly. By using CRM and marketing automation software, you can access reports and strategy developments efficiently. This data can then be utilized to develop further strategies.

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Those are some things about the startup growth hacking tips that you can apply. Also, you need to make a note that compiling the right growth hack for your new startup is very important, mainly to compete with other startups whose development is very rapid in Indonesia.

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