Study Case: Engaging Learning Platform by Agate

Study Case: Engaging Learning Platform by Agate

It should be no surprise that Millennials would dominate the newer workforce and recruits of any and all industries. And with each passing day, the wave of Millennials only increases. But our old ways of the whole talent management, such as assessment, recruitment, to the learning won’t hold many bars to the younger generations of tomorrow. And should one deny this evolution, they would only be left behind with no employees or at the very least without skilled employees.

Agate, however, has begun to plan a revolutionary method of learning and assessment in hopes of magnetizing newer, more skilled workers. And more importantly, making the employee enjoy what they do with a learning platform plan called Funway. Here we interview the Funway’s very own Project Manager, Yunandha Indrakusumah about his own take on Funway and how it would revolutionize further employee learning on its orientation phase.

Onboarding Training Gamification

Study Case: Engaging Learning Platform by Agate

What is Funway? How is it different from similar platforms?

Funway is a learning and assessment platform soon to be launched with the goals of combining theories and practice within in hopes of not only fulfilling a proper assessment of the recruit’s skills and capabilities but also keeping them entertained enough to be engaged to the work that they are doing by implementing gamification to their daily lives as they work through probation. With ideas to be implemented such as:

  • Leaderboard at Sign In

With the application of a daily leaderboard, it would give them a sense of appreciation and satisfaction if their name appears on top of it. This would more than likely motivate employees to come early on their own accord.

  • Quests for Them to Do

Funway serves assignments as ‘Quests’ to do that gives the workers points which they can trade for rewards of their choosing. Giving another push for the workers, making them work because they feel like they want to.

  • Scaling Reward System

Funway introduces a scaling reward system. As they do more work, the reward shall be bigger and better. And it doesn’t have to be money, because most of the time, the recognition of a great reward feels better to the one that receives them.

What was the line of thinking that triggered Funway’s development?

Well first of all, we thought that it was a necessity. The workforce market demanded it, after all. But also, the line of thinking that triggered Funway essentially, is “What is the dominant workforce of the future? And that would be the Millennials. Then how do we bring them to our company? By making it appealing to them.” We wanted to accommodate the need of the market and hopefully give them a workplace they can enjoy.

Study Case: Engaging Learning Platform by Agate

Study Case: Engaging Learning Platform by Agate

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What would be affected once Funway is launched?

Objectively, we would hope that Funway would positively impact the onboarders—the employees under probation—by making them more engaged by their work. But it’s safe to say that our stretch goal goes beyond that. By using gamification, Funway may even trigger a revolution in learning as a whole, because this program is easily applicable to any form of subject. Schoolwork, sports, leadership courses, you name it.

Why did you think it was necessary to form Funway?

Because using the old method of assessment, we can only determine 50% of the employees’ capabilities, theoretically. While the other 50% remains hidden within the practice. Funway is a necessary step to ensure that the assessment is done to its fullest while letting the workers be engaged. Funway would help to drag out the happiness felt by playing games to the real world, to the world of their work.

Would you say that the games provided might hinder the assessments of certain individuals (mainly those that are not natural gamers)?

While it’s true that the older generations will be at a disadvantage as they might look down at Funway due to its base inspiration, games, that might cause them to not perform as well through this method. But our goal actually to use Funway to the younger generations while the seniors monitor them. But who knows? Maybe from monitoring the success of this program, the seniors themselves might learn the joys of games and learn beside the young.


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