The Use of Social Media for Recruitment

Today’s social media’s functions are not only for sharing information, but also for promotion and reaching some goals. One of the new roles of social media is to help employee recruitment. Nowadays, some companies have now used social media to find hidden talents. In this case, the company’s personnel team can research to find employee candidates that fit the company’s expectation.

Social media recruitment

For some companies, recruitment through social media is more effective than conventional approaches. It is because besides being able to approach candidates more easily, companies can also check their digital footprint. Therefore, all of the good and bad traces can then be taken into consideration whether the candidate is the right person.

To understand more, here are a few things about recruitment use social media that you can do.

Identify Your Target Candidates

With the various characteristics of social media users, you need to find out how a candidate uses social media. Also do research on which platforms most prospective employees use that fit your criteria to make it easier for you to find each other.  In this case, it’s not just you who needs to learn about them. However, the candidates also need to get to know you better.

Furthermore, when approaching potential candidates, make sure you send a message that feels more personal. You need to show that you are not only recruiting, but also want to relate to them. You should also, make a friendly conversation and show that you have checked their profile and are interested in them.

Understand Every Platform’s Characteristic

Each social media has a different character. Therefore, you must recognize the uniqueness of each of these platforms. For example, Twitter with its hashtag; LinkedIn with its professional community; and Facebook with its group features. Each of these features can make it easier for you to get the ideal candidate as long as you know how to use it.

For instance, when you want to recruit employees through Facebook, you can enter into groups that have the characteristics of interest by the candidates that you expect. After that, look and check the profile of each member and their geographical location. Thus, you can gather the best candidates easier.

Develop Your Recruitment Strategy

Unilever recruitment in North Africa and the Middle East can be an example of successful recruitment through social media. They created a competition called The Quest to recruit potential candidates. In this competition, they target prospective employees from 7 countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, and Lebanon.

The quest by Unilever
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The company posted the registration process through Instagram and Facebook. The target is an ambitious business major students. Furthermore, the company then tests them with various challenges, ranging from marketing, logistics, to finance. As a result, Unilever received many applications to get their ideal employees.

That is how recruitment uses social media in this era. With the right target, recruitment through social media can be more effective in getting candidates according to company expectations. Other than that, this method is also helpful for prospective employees to find their dream job.

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