Talent Management Gamification: Playing with Purpose

Talent Management Gamification: Playing with Purpose

There has been a shifting in the corporate talent management culture, especially in the field of training: from the all dull paper-based class to a more interactive and diverse activity. Since its first public encounter in 2002, gamification has shown a significant maturity as a break-through learning alternative. As it gains more hype, many companies are starting to consider implementing gamification within the employee activities and learning bundle. Here are some of the designated purpose to enhance your gamification for talent management.

  • Assesment

Game-based assessment is one of the commonly used gamification within the talent management system in a company. It is usually embedded in the recruitment process. This kind of game is designed to assess the candidate’s trait and its potential for the growth of the company business. Agate has developed a couple of game-based assessment for recruitment with some companies, one of which is Astra International under the Astra Recruitment Center (ARC), with Underwater Maze.

Talent Management Gamification: Playing with Purpose

The gameplay of Underwater Maze has a simple mechanic. It requires the player to move a ship from one point to another without hitting the wall. Once it hits the wall, the game will finish and the player should start over from the beginning. To bring up the challenge in this game, the ship is automatically moving so the player must precisely determine the next point for ship movement keep the game running. This is where it works to measure ones’ persistence which goes as the prediction for the candidate’s work performance.

  • Onboarding

The initial period of entering into a new company or often called onboarding is a crucial period in a person’s first step to the company. At that time, new employees must adapt quickly to understand exactly what the company’s vision and culture to recognize their purpose in the company. Sometimes, the step do not always go smoothly and rather somewhat arduous. The amount of material that needs to be absorbed goes in contrary to how the company demands it to be a fast phase. To solve this problem, Agate has developed its own onboarding gamification, namely Fun Way Onboarding.

Talent Management Gamification: Playing with Purpose

Fun Way Onboarding runs like an RPG game we used to play in consoles. New employees will be given bundles of quest regarding the company in general, to specifically their job title. Each of the quests must be done to reach the next level which will round up to the end of the onboarding. In addition to creating the sense of fun and engaging on the early process of enrolling, this gamification also able to give new employees chance to proactively involved in various activities within the company and to adapt quickly. Fun Way Onboarding is expected to be an alternative in order to eliminate the difficult onboard process since it is brought in a more interactive way.

  • Employee Engagement

Getting the employee altogether somehow can be a hard work, let alone the increasing the engagement rate. Both of those go a long way with teamwork which is quite crucial for the business to work. The material about teamwork is important to be included in the talent management.

Talent Management Gamification: Playing with Purpose

One of the powerful ways to enhance teamwork in a fun way without reducing its essential is by playing games like Marble Factory. Marble Factory is a multiplayer game that lets 4-6 players cooperate to achieve objectives given in the game. This game has successfully inspired many non-gamer employees to learn about teamwork in a unique and engaging way.

  • Procedural Training

In the service field, the employee needs a clear procedure and explanation about the service in order to bring maximum value to the customer. The problem is, it sometimes takes a long and baffling training period. Taking an example from customer service position in the bank. This position is vital as they are the frontline representative that deals directly with different customers each day.

Talent Management Gamification: Playing with Purpose

In partnership with Danamon, Agate has developed a gamification called D’Service. It was designed to cut through a long and tedious training into a service simulation game. By using novel visual mechanics with various possibilities that will be faced by the customer, it simulates the real case on customer service situation and makes the training becomes more easily understood. With this fun approach, newly-employed customer services are expected to be ready to meet various kind of customers with their various kind of needs directly.


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