Perfecting Recruitment Match with Big Data

The internet has changed many aspects of life. From the way we communicate to people, the way we work, to finding the best people to work. For large companies, it can be a hassle to find suitable employees. The problem lays as the work is probably more complex. In addition, the information submitted by the candidates into their CV and the results of the interview, may not be the same with their actual abilities. To overcome this, companies need a kind of “Cupid” to find suitable talent.  And this is where recruitment with big data comes in handy.

How Big Data Change Recruitment Process

In the past, recruitment process could take more than one month. However, ever since the big data era, recruitment can be done faster now. The company can obtain information about potential candidates from various sources. Then the company can evaluate the big data using certain software to find the perfect suite. The use of this method as twice faster than it was before.

Big data can help the company to see candidates from various angles. In addition to go through resumes as usual, recruiters can assess the prospective employees’ real work through their digital footprint and/or portfolio. Companies then can evaluate the quality of candidates before finally deciding to contact them. Therefore, this method also allows big companies to find candidates who have hidden talent with many experiences, even though they may not have higher education.

Developing Big Data Analysis for Recruitment Process

Companies can get to know candidates more during the hiring process. All traces left by candidates on various platforms can also give an idea of their personality. Even before entering the next recruitment step, recruiters can first assess whether the candidates will be compatible with the company’s culture.

Big data analysis helps recruiters to find the best candidates with decent experience by evaluating through their social contributions, not just to see what writes on their resumes. As mentioned earlier, sometimes some people are more professional and experienced than highly educated people. By developing a big data analysis, it allows companies to find those who match the criteria of the company. and employ these people.

One of The Big Data’s Cupid: Gild

One company that has become a “talent cupid” in the programming world is Gild. Gild creates big data about various developers that exist through resumes, LinkedIn, emails, profiles, and their public contributions. Moreover, they also collect information through the developer’s activities recorded on various platforms, such as GitHub and Stack Overflow.

There are dozens of developers are registering in Gild. The developers will then be ranked based on their quality and ability using GildSources. Companies that need the best developer can use this data to find the best candidates they need. Therefore, they can find the best candidates more efficiently. Google and Facebook are a few big companies that often use Gild in recruiting.

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Those are some things about the role of big data in finding talent in the workforce. With the help of technology, finding people with decent skill and good character is easier nowadays. Therefore, the existence of the internet should be used as best as possible, especially as a place to share portfolios.

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