Marketing Campaign The Wrong Way

The marketing campaign is a method of product promotion through various media, such as television, radio, newspapers, and online media. Companies usually conduct a marketing campaign by designing attractive advertisements, performing product demonstrations, or spreading interesting issues through social media. Even though social media is the most effective marketing media, not all social media marketing campaigns can be successful.

Marketing The Wrong Way

One example of an unfortunate marketing campaign is KFC’s #IATEBONES. This campaign somehow received negative responses from citizens. Many internet users mock this campaign, ranging from those leading to pornography up to cannibalism. Besides this case, here are some examples of the negative impact of social media marketing campaigns that you need to know below.

It can be hard to make sure the campaign reaches the segmented audience

People can access and share information freely on the internet. Content that appears on social media is very crowded and it also changes every second. In this case, your marketing campaign may fail considering the many spam and invalid information. Moreover, it is also difficult to ascertain whether your campaign can reach your segmented audience accurately.

To solve this problem, you can try to work with influencers whose audience is what your company needs. This method is more effective to reduce the risk of misinformation. Besides, your marketing campaign will also be accepted by your target market efficiently.

Social media campaign is usually unpredictable and time-consuming

Companies usually choose social media campaigns because it’s free. They do not realize that marketing campaigns through social media are more time-consuming. It is because social media marketing campaigns are not like traditional advertisements that can be made precisely on schedule.

Social media

By choosing social media as your campaign media, you are ready to respond to any changes that can occur at any time when you least expect. In this case, internet users determine the amount and schedule of marketing that companies must do. You need a thorough strategy so that your marketing campaign doesn’t waste your time and energy.

Bad comments on your marketing campaign are incontrollable

Everyone is free to upload their reaction to your content on the internet. If internet users misinterpreted your content, you cannot control their negative responses and comments. In this case, all bad comments and inappropriate posts can be a threat to your company. When your campaign goes viral, there is no turning back. Even if you do clarification, it will only sound like an excuse.

Therefore, you need to think about your concept from various angles before conducting a marketing campaign through social media. You must pay attention to everything, from concepts to diction you will use. Don’t let silly things, like ambiguous sentences to ruin your great ideas.

Those are some things that can lead to marketing campaigns in the wrong way and how to avoid them. Social media is indeed one of the best ways to do a marketing campaign. You will have more easy access to increase brand awareness and attract consumers. However, thorough planning must be carried out to reduce the negative impacts described above. In sum, you should avoid sensitive and inappropriate content that can trigger internet users to misunderstand.

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