Release Date : 2019
Platform : Web, Android
Game Engine : React.Js

Levio Class

What is Levio Class?

Levio Class is a crowd learning platform that is designed to excited and engage at any scale. 

The salient features include:

  • Live Quiz: allows tutors to test the knowledge of their students in real-time with multiple-choice quizzes. It also drives a fun competition among students/learners to get the highest score by choosing the right answers.
  • Quiz Editor: User-friendly quiz editor allows you to create various quiz content with ease.
  • BYOD: Can be played by user using any kind of device with a browser, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Reports: Levio class reports give you insights for every session you conduct. You can also download the reports as an Excel spreadsheet.

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Case Study

In class training

Levio Class on People Analytics & HR Tech Summit 2019, Jakarta

Levio Class had an opportunity to collaborate with the “Indonesia First International People Analytics & HR Tech Summit” in Jakarta 2019. Agate as a gamification’s partner, collaborate to build a full gamification experience for the seminar using Levio.

  • Levio class escalates the competition experience. Each team needs to collaborate within a limited time to reach the biggest high score by choosing the right answer
  • Levio class transformed the class activity to be more energetic and motivate 170 participants to interact within the event 

Live streaming event

Levio Class on Code Atma | Soft Launch Digital Press Conference

Agate is proud to announce the launch of their new idle RPG game Code Atma. They uses Levio Class to keep their workshop participants engaging and fun throughout the session. They combined Levio Class with Thanos’s Gauntlet challenges. There were a lot of discussions in teams. Not only engaging, but this format also took Levio Class even further with the competitive element.