Levio: A New Gamified CorpU Solution

Levio: A New Gamified CorpU Solution

What is Levio?

Levio: A New Gamified CorpU Solution

Levio is a gamified learning platform made by Agate to help supplement learning and training. Be it for a less formal school or a more corporate use within professional companies. Though you may be wondering how such a platform would help your corporate university, the answer is actually quite simple, Levio is incredibly malleable.

Flexibility in Content and Features

Levio as a platform is somewhat unique than other gamified platforms on the market. Where most other platforms can serve basic features such as organizing tasks, showing leaderboards and progress, then giving scores, Levio takes it a step further by being fully customizable.

Levio: A New Gamified CorpU Solution

Levio‘s main niche lies in its capability to be made fully customized to both your learning content and needs. As well as breaking down your learning module into bite-sized content. Not only will Levio help in organizing learners and helping teachers better their delivery and task management, it also comes in with a motivating feature. A particular one that can be changed to better suit your company image.

Simplify Managers’ and Admins’ Duties

Besides giving simple motivation and providing a ‘fun factor’ for your users, Levio also helps ease the burden of its managers. Among Levio’s many features, it also comes with an admin-friendly report list known as ‘User Explorer’. Where data gathered from the use of the platform is neatly presented to the platform’s manager. Things such as the users’ progression, usage time, and overall statistics are openly visible to admins and thus giving a clearer view in how to strategize and organize your plans to optimize the process even more.

Levio: A New Gamified CorpU Solution

Supplements e-Learning

Many among corporate universities are implementing e-learning to help streamline the personnel’s training experience, but Levio takes it a step further. Other than just giving your own courses to the users, Levio also helps by giving supplemental mini-games. Those minigames has been proven to subconsciously help and train various mental aspects of users outside the given course. It is expected that it would help them be even more mentally prepared for real-life work as it simulates the stimulus needed to problem solve and work under pressure.

Levio: A New Gamified CorpU Solution

Helping Users Stay Organized

Coming with features such as notifications of new and almost due tasks, Levio also serves as a planner that can be personalized. Helping them to stay on their objective and focus in a straight line towards steady progression, rather than be overwhelmed by tasks usually flooded by such training programs. Alongside that, Levio can also provide a roadmap. This roadmap plays a part as to what material should the user study upon first, all the while with a clear sense of progression that the platform will happily inform the student.

Levio: A New Gamified CorpU Solution

Levio for Corporate Universities

Not only streamlined, if Levio is to be introduced to a Corporate University, it can be formed to perhaps even as far as whole courses, rather than just a supplement. As with corporate universities, practices and case studies often be the main focus, Levio can be made to also simulate such things to bring a more efficient real-work experience anytime, anywhere. What makes Levio so perfect for corporate universities is the fact that, not only does it cover engagement, but also data management where such a thing would be crucial to any such facility.

Levio and other such platforms may very well be the types of innovation that helps indonesian corporate universities to boom even more.

Find out more about Levio on its website now!


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