Release Date : 2019
Client : General
Platform : PC, Web
Game Engine : Unity, Phaser


What is Leika?

Leika is an affordable solution for crowd attraction and leads/info generation for booth hosts and visitors. Leika consist of two parts:

  • A Unity engine based leaderboard themed to look like a 3D representation of famed Japanese TV phenom: “Takeshi Castle.”
  • A library of HTML5 single-player mini-games that will challenge players to earn points that will advance their avatar in the 3D leaderboard. 

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The leaderboard theme is Takeshi Castle, which contain obstacle that player should pass it to get in the castle at the top

The player character will have a progress and pass the obstacles by playing the mini-games and achieving a certain amount of score.

There’s will be 5 stages with different type obstacle for every stages

Fun Mini-Games

Mini-Game Rules

At LEIKA, there will be mini-games which can be chosen by visitor, they can choose one or more mini-games at one leaderboard. Here are the rules of the mini-games:

  • Time limit for each round is 60s
  • The game is played in portrait position
  • Maximum score for every mini-games is balanced to be about the same.
  • If the player is good at playing it, and can achieve score 1000pts ++, they can pass one obstacle
  • If the player is not good at it, they will get score below 1000pts and fail the obstacle
  • Users can choose to input their data for point boost! Benefiting the hosts for leads generation.


Custom Survey Forms

One of Leika’s main features is the “Custom Survey”, where players can earn score bonuses if they choose to fill the form.

This custom survey is editable for hosts from the admin panel. Hosts can utilize this feature to gather user’s feedback.

Easy to Operate from the Host's Side

Host can choose which mini-games to show from admin panel. Hosts are also given access to see the performance of the leaderboard (how many rooms, or how many players participate in this game).

Leika’s admin panel is guaranteed to be easy to use. So no need to read the manual twice!