Improving Corporate Universities’ Efficacy

Improving Corporate Universities’ Efficacy

As mentioned in our other article, corporate universities have always needed to fight the struggle of how to advance even further. With many companies disregarding so many fundamentals on what makes a corporate university work in the first place, it is no wonder that most corporate universities fail as they sail on the mainstream.

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“There have been failures and many corporate universities have struggled to bring a business rigor to learning” –Corporate universities as strategic learning initiatives

With the point of that struggle is that many companies still view corporate universities on a business level than in a teaching term. Albeit not strictly a university, a corporate university still exists to teach and train your future employees the ins and outs of working for your company. Many companies, however, focus more on what to do after the training is complete rather than how to complete said training. Fancy building and facilities are a well enough supplementary but aren’t the base of what a corporate university needs to produce top employees.


What should be a Corporate University’s Main Focus

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If you take a step back and see the bigger picture, the whole point of a corporate university is to educate the future workforce to be as efficient as they can in their work. But this doesn’t happen automatically. A corporate university isn’t some factory that you simply send your personnel to in hopes that they return refined. The keyword here is to educate and in education, business is secondary. It can be the ultimate goal, but must remain a crucial side note rather than the main idea if you wish to teach efficiently.


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Some companies make the mistake of thinking only of profit including from their corporate universities. While the economy aspect of it is crucial if you want it to run in the long terms, and it does indeed count as one of the faults of why most corporate universities fail, it should not be the main idea if you want the best quality students there are. In the long term, even if you don’t make money from the corporate university side, the income will come in autonomously once your fully refined employees work to improve your company within their work span.

Bringing Efficient Learning to Corporate Universities

Bringing efficient learning to your corporate university is a vital thing. It even should be the core of your future plans regarding your corporate university, as it comes with its own set of problems that many seem to ignore. Problems such as disengagement, irrelevant learning, and falling out of loyalty from the company instead of seeding the loyalty. These problems are plaguing many corporate universities and are hindering the maximum potential of trained employees.

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There are many ways to bring about a more efficient learning to corporate universities. This very topic being the sole reason for Indonesia’s Best Corporate University annual competition held by SWA. But among them is the plan for gamification.

What Gamification Brings to the Table

Gamification is the act of bringing game mechanics to non-game context. And within corporate learning, this has been proven to be a timeless solution should it be implemented correctly. Proof of this is the fact that over 70 percent of major employers use interactive software and games for training. With gamification bringing:

  • A more enjoyable learning and/or teaching experience
  • An easier process for data collection
  • Ample supplement for e-learning
  • A more efficient workflow and procedures
  • And many more

Improving Corporate Universities' Efficacy


Using a Gamified Learning Platform

Improving Corporate Universities' Efficacy

Platforms, such as Agate’s Levio can serve as a more long-term solution instead of regular gamification. Where regular topic per topic gamified course can serve as a great way to engage your future employees to that topic, the amount you’d have to invest in would be quite substantial if you are planning to cover each and every matter taught. But a gamified platform can serve to help supplement traditional learning as a whole instead of per topic.


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