Does HR Systems Software Work?

With the rising trend to digitalize any and every aspect of a company to help streamline work processes, HR isn’t an exception to this movement. Many products/companies such as SAP, Zenefits, Sage, and of course Agate are creating digital solutions and/or platforms to help HR processes. While a more focused solution such as The Code is known to help tremendously, what is the fate of those that take on multiple tasks and aims to streamline them altogether? Would it be too momentous of a task?

What is an HR System Solution?

Usually taking the form of multi-platform software, these solutions aim to take multiple HR processes by the horns to provide a more efficient experience for the users. These type of solutions are mainly made to help ease things such as people analytics, data collection, task management, and so on.

Example of All-In-One HR Solution, Levio

Created and recently released by Agate Level Up, Levio is an all-purpose HR platform that mainly focuses on training processes. However, despite the main priority of the solution, Levio aims to take other problems such as employee engagement, data management, and administrative tasks and help solve them. These features include

  • Easing a manager to monitor employee behavior and performance through an admin panel.
  • Engage users (employees) with beneficial brain training mini-games.
  • Maintain employee retention with task managers to help employees keep track of what they need to do and reward them for each task done.
  • Redeemable point rewards (Employee Benefits) that Agate Level Up and the commissioning company could discuss.
  • Social media-like features, allowing users, including employees and managers, to easily have a two-way communication capability.
  • Interactive tools to improve presentations, seminars, and in-class training much more engaging.
  • An assessment tool for training to help make a more informed decision in hiring.
  • Entirely customizable interface to align with the company’s branding, as well as customizable learning materials.

Agate Level Up’s ambition is to create a tool to improve efficacy within the HR sector of the company. However, with such a big objective, it is hard to imagine that such a miracle software would simply work that well. And yet, the use of this software is still on the rise.

The Trend of HR Solutions and Its Results

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With a CAGR of 9.45%, in the upcoming years, HR Solution market would even cross the mark of $43 billion. Such solutions can even help provide help, and is used by over 3.000 managers, as well as hundreds of thousands of HR employees. With such software and systems to back up HR processes, the unnecessary loss can be avoided and even help many companies to save at least 22% of costs per employees. It is even said that with a formal engagement solution for employees, a company can earn more than 26% higher annual revenue growth than competitors that do not have the same.

Instantaneous Feedback

It’s also known that many solutions, especially the gamified ones offer instantaneous feedback for the user. While 98% of employees are failing due to little to no feedback, it is not a surprise that many companies would turn their heads when knowing such feature is available.

Quality of Work Upgrade

Along with digitalization, gamification, and automation, another upgrade that HR System Software has the potential to bring is the employee self-service module. It is an upgrade that allows employees to conduct query related to HR or perform some HR transactions and requests on their own. By easily submitting leave requests or viewing attendance without any manual complications, the process is made faster, saving time for both employees and employers alike.

Getting Your Own HR Solution

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After proving the potential and quality of such software, why not find one yourself for your own company? The management process of human capital is a complicated one. Due to the issue, the help of software, especially in sectors where it is imperative for you to micromanage every aspect like employee training, are well appreciated. So why not look again, to Levio? Engage your future employees during their training and onboarding to ensure their loyalty and performance! You can find out more and apply for it here.

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