How Game Based Solution Hyped The Tokyo Olympics

After a year delay, the Tokyo Olympic Games finally kicked off on July 23rd 2021. Although not quite the Games that Tokyo had originally planned, Japan still managed to bring out the Olympic Games Spirit to the world with a game based solution called, the Doodle Champion Island Games! 

Get a taste of what it’s like as an Olympic athlete through the eyes of a calico athlete called Lucky. Join a team and explore a classic retro-styled RPG world filled with seven Olympic themed minigames, side quests and legendary opponents. Players can also keep score with other teams with Google taking track of a global leaderboard. The game took people by surprise and is certainly a more interesting take on marketing, but why is it so effective? 

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is definitely one of kind due to the pandemic and the issues that come with it. Gone are the crowded stadiums and cheering fans, instead are online streams, masks and significantly less support for the games itself. However, becoming the largest Google Doodle game ever seem to be able to raise the hype, with millions of users trying to top the leaderboards. 

Doodle Champion Island Games Leaderboard as of 27 July 2021
Doodle Champion Island Games Leaderboard as of 27 July 2021  

Gamified Olympics

Each minigame gives players the chance to experience a fraction of what it’s like to compete an alternative experience of the Tokyo Olympics. From table tennis, archery, artistic swimming, climbing, running a marathon, skateboarding and rugby. Each win adds points for your team and lead the path to victory.  If competing isn’t your thing, you can also roam the world and take on side-quest to learn about Japanese culture and folklore. 

Coupled with Japanese folklore, cute animations from house Studio 4°C and a free to roam world, it’s hard to resist the Olympic spirit and invest your time in the event. The Doodle game itself has definitely increase people’s enthusiasm for the Olympic Games and Japanese culture. This is particularly noticeable in Google trends with Oni, Tengu, and other characters within the game searches rising up to 950%.  

Using games for marketing isn’t something new — as we’ve covered before in the Gucci and Roblox collab article. However, the Doodle Champion Island Games shows ingenuity in adapting to the current pandemic. The Tokyo Olympics successfully incorporated a game-based solution to hype up the event and showcase Japanese culture to the world. The Olympics may have been met with harsh criticism, but the Doodle Champion Island Games certainly brings it to a better light. 

Gathering people together and giving people a chance to learn something new is something we thrive for. In terms of game-based solutions and gamification, the Doodle Champion Island Games is one of the best examples out there. One that Agate’s products such as Levio, KIMO, and others hopes to follow suit. 

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