Gamifying Learning Workshop

Gamifying Learning Program Workshop by Agate Level Up

Agate Level Up’s event to share insight and networking about gamification had recently leveled up in and out of itself. With the addition of what is now a workshop and almost total modification in its way of sharing information. Experience Day had been revamped to focus more on interaction and diminutive demonstration of gamification practice.


Gamifying Learning Program Workshop by Agate Level Up


Over 20 participants arrived in the event from varying aspects and line of work. From teaching to banking, the many participants that came were rather surprised by the topic of gamification in depth. Many of them had considered the use of gamification, but a very small portion of them had admitted to knowing what gamification actually is. Despite this, however, roughly 50% of the participants had confessed to their company having learning initiatives; e-learning or otherwise. This point in itself may be proof that Indonesian companies have yet to catch up with trends that have sprouted nearly a decade ago. 

The workshop started with the participants connecting their mobile devices to the internet for a varying amount of activities that require their real-time interaction. Before those activities begin, however, the participants were divided into groups with certain rules. Said rule being: There can only be 1 participant with a blue name tag, 2 participants with a green name tag and any amount of participants with a red name tag. Following those rules, the participants needed to form a group of at least 3 members and have at least 1 of each color in the group.


Gamifying Learning Program Workshop by Agate Level Up


Immediately, the participants showed interest and quickly introduced each other among their fellow group members. It was then that the groups were introduced to the leaderboard on the screen. With each game they finish and actively compete in, they earn more points. And the groups would then use the points to compete over a mystery prize by the end. Despite not knowing the prize, the groups were quickly becoming competitive and tried their hardest to participate in each game. Each of the games was meant to represent an aspect of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. As there was an explanation between them, the participants grew to learn more and more as they play. And this method was proven effective by the end when the participants scored very well in a trivia game regarding gamification, and a memory game regarding motivation.  

Multiple feedback was drawn from interviews near the event’s end, and all of them proved positive and impressed by what they learned and what gamification has to offer. “Gamification in e-learning is effective, due to the fact that traditional e-learning is still very boring. With usual e-learning only supplemented by animations and simplification but is still very lacking.” Explained David, a member of Organization Development from BPPK (Badan Pendidikan dan Pengembangan Keuangan)’s Training Centre. He also urged that this seminar had also worked to inform him of many possibilities open for gamification.  


Gamifying Learning Program Workshop by Agate Level Up


Feedback such as David’s was plentiful among the participants. And though there are regrets such as the participants mostly not being decision makers, many of them had been convinced by the outcome gamification aims to provide. 


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