Gamified Learning in 2018

Gamified Learning in 2018

Learning and games were so often disregarded as opposites before. But as time goes on and our technology and innovations progress, we learn that this couldn’t be further from the truth. This is proven even further when a number of surveys by Talent LMS stated that most people do in fact enjoy gamification to be collaborated into their learning or training process.  

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The above survey is one of those crucial surveys that shed a light on what people think of common gamification traits like the PBL (Points/Badges/Leaderboards) system within e-learning.  

Gamified Learning vs Game-Based Learning

Before we delve deeper, however, there is a need to clear the misconception that Gamified Learning and Game-Based Learning are the same when that couldn’t be further from the truth. These two terms are so often used interchangeably when they mean two different things entirely. 

Game-Based Learning

Gamified Learning in 2018

First of all, game-based learning is the type of learning when you rely on a game to teach you. Some games can be developed and tailored to teach the user certain specific things; these are usually the type of game-based learning used in corporate training or similar activities. An example of this would be the game: The Code which Agate developed to help the Gunung Sewu Group train their employees in compliance. Another example is how—by playing the game Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego—you learn the geography of the world. 

Gamified Learning

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Gamified learning, on the other hand, aims to ease your learning process and motivate you by adding game mechanics like Narrative, the PBL system, customization and so on. A good example of this is how Duolingo keeps track of your progress with points and levels as you use the app and so on. 

Learning Platforms in 2018

Even now, there are countless platforms and applications that can be used to learn about many things other than corporate training. Here are some examples: 

Gamified Learning in 2018


Learning languages used to be looked at as something where you stare at a dictionary and pull your hair out due to how intensive you need to be to learn it. But with the help of gamified apps like Duolingo and Memrise available through your phone, you can learn languages bit by bit anytime and anywhere while the gamified mechanics keep you hooked on learning in a daily basis. 

Finance, Management, and Businesses

For a long time, simulator and tycoon games have been teaching countless kids and adult alike the rough feel of business, teaching you about business management to increase your profit. From these types of games, even children can get a feel of how the economy works. And these types of games are such a common occurrence that interfaces like the one below can seem simple for any young mind after they go through what usually is a quick tutorial. 

Gamified Learning in 2018Screenshot of Mad Games Tycoon via Source

And with adult-oriented games like Gamelearn’s Merchants, you can train and learn more in-depth things in the world of business.  

Stock Trading

Stock Trading remains to be some of the most complicated and risky ways to earn money. It is a practice that takes so much to master and even a good amount of adults still has no idea how it works. And yet, it is being featured as mechanics within best-selling games like Grand Theft Auto 5 and suddenly kids and teenagers know more about modern-day investments than the average adult and even treat them like something enjoyable.  

Gamified Learning in 2018Screenshot of a fake stock exchange site with fake companies within the GTA 5 game via Source

Meanwhile, a more practical learning also exists. Programs like the Stock Market Game offers gamified courses that have been claimed to make a lasting impact on students. 


We are entering an age where anything can be learned much easier with the help of game mechanics. From customized corporate training to general economy and management, the use of game mechanics within learning and training alike are endless. 



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