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Petualangan CIKA


Ministry of Public Works (KemenPU) collaborated with Agate to develop an appealing edugame for children about healthy lifestye. The game needed to aim in educating children about environmental awareness such as neighbourhood hygiene, ecological awareness, and disaster management.


Petualangan CIKA was developed in a format of a multiplatform game. It consisted of 7 levels with unique gameplay. Each level educates about specific topic in a fun way. Not only game, it also enhanced with interesting comics strips and scientific tips & trick to support the educational part of the title.

Key Point

• The main character, Cika, is well designed to appeal kids until she is featured in the Jambore Sanitasi Nasional event, June 2014
• Comics-like background story to make the whole game more engaging
• High score challenge to endorse retention and deep understanding of the educational message
• Scientific tips & trick on sanitation