Gamification for Social Media Activation

Gamification is not a new thing in the world of marketing. At present, many companies have used gamification to increase engagement and interact with their users on social media. Obviously, good gamification will enhance the emotions, interests, and love of customers. Furthermore, it can also maintain their loyalty for the long term.

Nowadays, many brands have implemented gamification as a form of marketing on their social media. This method is considered able to increase brand awareness of internet users more efficiently. Furthermore, here are a few examples of companies implementing gamification on social media.

Gamification on social media

M&M’s Eye-Spy Pretzel

M&M ‘s Eye-Spy Pretzel is one example of the success of gamification on social media. In this game, M&M invited their followers to look for small pieces of Pretzel in a picture, among the scattered M&M. Even though this game is simple, it turns out to be a viral and increases M&M social media engagement.

M&M uses gamification to sell its Pretzel products. Although looking for one Pretzel in a picture full of M&M seems unattractive, the concept of the campaign is well packaged. That’s why it motivates consumers to follow the game. It proves that the marketing strategy does not have to be expensive.


The Nike+ campaign through the NikeFuel app invites consumers to use Nike’s measurement technology and share it on social media. The NikeFuel, as a measure application of sporting activities, will give users points if they complete certain missions. After that, the user can then exchange these points for various rewards.

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NikeFuel is an example of great gamification because both parties get equal benefits. By encouraging users to share their achievements through social media, Nike’s visibility has increased on all platforms. Besides increasing social media engagement, this campaign is also useful to maintain the loyalty of its users.

Pleasure Hunt by Magnum Ice Cream

In 2011, Magnum released a gamification concept called Pleasure Hunt. This game invites internet users to help “Magnum Woman” collect chocolate. Sounds simple, but interestingly, “Magnum Woman” can jump from one site to another, such as Samsung, Dove, to YouTube. Not only attracted the attention of internet users, but this game was also immediately viral.

Magnum Pleasure Hunt is also a great example of how to create interaction between brands and consumers. After completing the mission, users can share their achievements on Facebook and Twitter. Other than that, they can also invite their friends to join the game. No doubt, this method succeeded in increasing magnum’s brand awareness and social media engagement.

Are You Ready to Join The Fun?

Those case studies above are some forms of gamification on social media that have been implemented by several brands. During this time, gamification has been proven to be able to increase social media engagement and brand awareness of internet users. Therefore, companies must create good and engaging concepts to attract the interest of internet users.

Besides an interesting concept, consumers are also easily attracted by the reward. As Nike Fuel does, companies can give some prizes if the user can pass the mission. Therefore, the marketing strategy will benefit both parties. Always remember that there’s nothing wrong with giving a gift to loyal users.

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