Gamification on Project Management – Top 4 Benefits You Can Get

It is one of the natural human behaviors on having the urge to be a champion, including at work. In conjunction to this very behavior, gamification uses the humans’ characteristics to compete, win, and gaining recognition because of its game elements that direct humans to compete and reach targets to receive rewards. Therefore, it brings many benefits when you apply it to work in your company.

As we already know, project management is one of the keys to a company’s success. So, by applying gamification on project management, it will improve various aspects of your work more effectively. What are the benefits of gamification on project management? Here are some explanations for you.

Increasing Productivity

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One of the benefits of gamification on project management is it can increase productivity more effectively. Employees will find completing the target more pleasant, so the work does not feel like a burden. Besides, they will spend more productive time. Also, the targets and rewards for each project they complete are clear. So, the project will get done faster.

Increasing Employee Satisfaction

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Another benefit of gamification on project management is to increase employee satisfaction. In other words, gamification can make the workplace feel more fun and exciting. Thus, the environment will be vibing more positivity, so employees will feel comfortable and happy to linger in the office. Moreover, they will also feel cared for by the company so that the level of satisfaction at work increases.

Increasing Employee Retention

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Sometimes simple appreciation and rewards can be meaningful for employees. By applying gamification on project management, you can make employees feel their hard work is not in vain. Thus, the resignation rate will decrease. Also, you don’t need to keep looking for new employees who don’t feel valued by the company.

Increasing Work Quality  

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In addition to the three benefits above, the main benefit of gamification on project management is to improve the quality of work, as well as employee morale. In this case, your company will focus more on the quality of work than the quantity of work. Besides, employee moods can also be maintained so that coordination feels more comfortable and more enjoyable.

Those are some of the benefits of gamification on project management that you need to know. Moreover, if you want to apply gamification in the company’s project management, you should adjust the game that you created with the company’s work culture. In this case, don’t hesitate to do trial and error. Also, evaluate each project so that you know what you need to improve.

To create good project management, you might need help in the form of software or project management applications. One platform that will help the project management process to bring more fun into action is Levio from Agate Level Up. Levio is a mobile training platform designed to help you bring your learning with you and lets you do them efficiently at your own pace. Moreover, its mobile-first and interactive mindset will let you learn anytime, anywhere.

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