Gamification in Programmatic Advertising

Gamification in Programmatic Advertising

What is programmatic advertising? A lot of, if not most of the people within modern marketing should already have known this, but Programmatic Advertising is the new way of advertising that starts to dominate the industry as a whole as they grow alongside the growth of the Internet itself. If you still don’t think you know what they are, just open the Internet for yourself and you can see that they are quite literally in every which way you look. 

Gamification in Programmatic Advertising

Those red ones ring any bell? Programmatic advertisements are annoying to most surfers of the web, yes. But as their algorithm becomes better and better still, there are more and more automated or programmatic advertising that reaches their target audience and bring in relevant customers and consumers. Like if someone were to peruse sportswear often, the ads will slowly configure to being around sports for that user, and so on,

But really, what are programmatic ads?

They are a semi-automated advertising that caters to certain algorithms. To put into simple terms, they are advertising spots on the Internet or TV or streams that you buy without going through a human to do menial things to spread your ads everywhere.  

As for how they’re getting better at nailing the advertisements to relevant customers, the algorithm they use is quite often based on the history we have on our Internet activities whether because we were looking around for clothes or gadgets, these automated advertisements don’t waste any time to strike at that opportunity.  

Though there are also algorithms that place your ads in appropriate places as well. Such as in a food review website for restaurants or in technology-based news site for IT-related advertisements. 

All in all, it just seems like a nice deal to have if you’re considering marketing online. And it’s even acknowledged by countless others to be the future of online-based marketing. And who knows, maybe eventually even the future of all marketing in general. 

What does gamification play in all of it?

Simple really. If all these automated advertisings are already bringing you in consumers, think about how much more there will be once they are fully engaged in a gamified automated ad. You know the ones. 

Gamification in Programmatic Advertising

Granted, the picture above is a really negative and rather outdated example, it is still an effective example nonetheless as it is actually quite the prime use of gamification in an advertisement. Granted that this would mean they use a technique circulating around Black Hat Gamification within a fraud ad, both of which can be a topic in and of itself, think to yourself how engaging it might be just to play that simple game to the side of your browser, free iPads aside. 

Imagine engagement

Imagine it like nothing you have ever thought about. These days, people would very rarely see gamified advertisements, but the possibility, combined with programmatic advertising, is endless. 

Gamification in Programmatic Advertising

Imagine if, for example, you’re an online market company (Like E-bay or Amazon perhaps) and have an advertising spot and you place in it a QR with words that says “Scan this QR and earn discounts”. Or maybe go beyond and make an actual shooting game people can play in the ad but make it lead to an actual product instead of the fake promise of a free iPad. Or even if you do promise a free iPad maybe make it that after they shoot it all, they’re entered into a raffle instead.

Like it’s been said, the possibilities are endless and the potential is there. There are definitely a few here and there, but none of which really sticks out. Granted, doing both gamification and buying programmatic ads can be pricey, but when played out well, could be the dream team every marketing wish they have in their arsenal. 

But hold on though, as mention here about sales and gamification, implementing gamification to marketing is a pretty risky investment. One that is worth it should you do them correctly, but risky nonetheless. So you better make sure you’re actually ready and you know what you’re doing before you do them. 



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