Growth Hacking & Gamification: The Best ‘Combo’ for Digital Presence

A growth hack is one marketing technique that uses a quick experimental process. This technique involves marketing channels, product development, and sales segmentation to find efficient ways to grow brands. Meanwhile, one company that makes the growth hack strategy a stepping stone is Airbnb. They created a system that allows users to advertise on Thus, the more Craigslist users are, the faster the Airbnb brand is known.

In this digital age, entrepreneurs have to be one step ahead at making a strategy to show themselves in cyberspace. One way that many companies use to demonstrate their existence is gamification. In this case, combining gamification and growth hack is the smartest way to present yourself, especially on social media. Further to understand more, here some information about gamification and growth hacking for digital presence.

Why We Need Gamification for Growth Hacking

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Well-designed gamification will motivate people to follow you. With the right delivery and tools, gamification will provide a challenging or entertaining sensation that will trigger people’s curiosity. This strategy then will stimulate an increase in your social media engagement.

Also, a successful growth hack strategy is sometimes a unique one. That is why if other companies use the same tactics, not necessarily able to achieve the same success. Therefore, you need to do in-depth research first. For example, you can discuss with your potential users or research social media.

How Gamification ‘Hack’ The Game

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Human has a competitive nature. Obviously, we love competition, whether in business, sporting, or academic glory. This trait also exists in the business world. In other words, companies are competing to capture the attention, involvement, and retention of their target audience. After all, this is where gamification comes to unite these two competitive entities.

By using gamification, brands will get the opportunity to provide experience to customers. On the other hand, customers can build connections with brands and encourage them to lift the brand. In other words, customers get pleasure while brands get the promotions they need. This symbiotic relationship makes growth hack possible.

Gamification and Growth Hacking for Digital Presence

Combining gamification in your growth hacking strategy will increase your existence in the digital world. For that, use social media as well as possible. The key is, you have to know who your target audience is. After that, create gamification that will attract their attention and curiosity about your brand. In essence, you have to provoke their interest and make them want to share it.

One related indicator of growth hacking is the increase in social media followers of your business. In this case, gamification can be one of the most effective tools for increasing followers, engagement, and users. Besides the simple way it works, gamification lets you improve your performance in the digital world.

Those are some things about gamification and growth hacking for a digital presence that you need to know. With smart tactics, you can directly develop your business presence in the digital world. Therefore, as a business person, you are required to be critical and sensitive about everything that becomes a trend and attracts consumers.

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