Fresh HR Strategies to Use in 2019

Our era of the job market is slowly shifting to becoming more and more candidate-driven. In fact, it’s actually taking up to 90% of the current market. Meaning, soon companies will no longer even have the privilege of picking their employees. Employees will be picking what company to work for instead. In order to recruit or nurture these picky talents, newer strategies to keep them interested in working for your company is in order. Below we’ll be looking into some fresh potential strategies that you could try in 2019.

Fresh HR Strategies to Use in 2019

Talent Acquisition

The process of acquiring employees, especially quality ones, in such a time is becoming harder and harder. Meanwhile, as the generations and interests shift and develop, alongside it are also newer ways of making them show interest in working for your company.

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Recruitment Marketing

Essentially, recruitment marketing is the act of using marketing-like strategies to make future employees more interested on applying in your company. And ideally, pique the interests of model employees best fit of what you’re looking for.

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With recruitment marketing, the funnel for talent acquisition is made longer. To find relevantly skilled workers in this era, you must spark awareness to future candidates and make them consider your company. This is backed by the fact that over 75% of candidates survey their future employer before applying. By spreading the good word, exciting projects and market what’s good about working for your company, you will be more likely to receive inspired applicants.

Social Recruiting

By using social media to proactively look for and persuade future employees to apply at your company. This doesn’t just mean for you to post job openings in your social media however. But instead converse with individuals of interests, establish a relationship with them and influence them that working for your company would be ideal for them.

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While there are less personal and hands on ways to approach the use of social media for recruitment, this is a potential that a lot of companies overlook. Social medias serve as a platform where we may freely interact with our customers. And sometimes, among those customers themselves are potential candidates that could become a valuable employees. And it’s proved that 59% of employees recruited through social recruitment are of the ‘best quality’.

Talent Nurturing

Once you acquire the talent you need, it is important to keep them in your company by adapting to their needs and expectations as well. Because 71% of your best millennial workforce will quit after two years if they find that your workplace is unsuitable for them.

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Behavioral Analytics

In emerging Human Capital Management solutions, you are given access to analytics of behaviors, performance and effectiveness of your employees. And with the accuracy of these data being up to 97% for many cases, it is now up to you to use them properly.

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From using these data served to you, you can strategize more on how to approach an employee or how to better their efficacy. This insight may also help you identify underlying issues within the company such as inequality and hiring biases. Not to mention raw data driven by the employee activity would mean that it is lie-proof. You can see for yourself how your employees truly feel about their work without turning them to yes-men when asked by HR.

Gamification – Virtual Reality

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An act of making non-game activities more engaging with game contexts, gamification has been around the corporate scene for a while now. And as it helps boost engagement in a variety of aspects, HR is no different. A new initiative to this is the usage of VR technology for HR implementations.

With 82% of respondents saying that they are interested in VR, the potential of this technology is able to be utilized for a variety of talent nurturing. From simulated training to prepare them for the real thing, to providing recreational use during breaks or after-hours in the office to keep your employees happy working for you.


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