Free e-Book: Gamification to the Rescue

As a new year present as well as marking Agate Level Up’s launching, we are releasing an e-book on the introductory outlook of gamification. This e-book is comprised of the core arguments and points that explain why a gamification works with any sort of individual as a user.

Complete with examples and statistics of successful gamification, the book will aim to teach you the basics of gamification to help you started on future initiatives or collaborations should you plan to make any sort of gamified projects.

The book also features a complete history to gamification from how it started to when it reached such a hefty, profitable scale. Not to mention why it became like that throughout the years.

With a broad and extensive view on gamification from the views of external experts and Agate Level Up’s knowledge base alike. This book is highly recommended to be read through by those aspiring to join in the new age of engagement in businesses and serious industries through game mechanics.

Do we need to say more? Click below to claim your free e-book!

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