Release Date : 2014
Client : Coca Cola Indonesia
Platform : Mobile
Game Engine : Unity

Fanta Genk of Fun


Fanta, as one of the most well-known beverage brand for teenagers, would like to regain its existence in Indonesia by creating a Fanta Play campaign featuring Fanta Crew with its fun activities. The aim of this campaign is to introduce Fanta Crew in a fun way and increase user-product interaction and Fanta product purchase frequency.


We created a digital activation using mobile AR technology to create the bridge for user-product interaction. When people scan the character sign in a Fanta bottle, they will find a 3D character of Fanta Crew popped up on their mobile screen. Then people can use Fanta Crew as their selfie friend in the photo, create various pose of the character, thus create stories from this fun application.


• Mobile AR application that increased interaction between user & products
• Fun Meter: once the user has used up the characters on poses, they must recharge by scanning the bottle again which encourage repetitive product interaction and purchase