Determine Your Project Management by 5 Simple Steps

A startup needs excellent project management to get their job done well. It is because project management will help a company to stick to its budget and deadline. Also, it will also influence the business’ future, especially for the teams and employees. Furthermore, to better understand it, here is the explanation about how to determine your startup project management in some simple steps.

Project Conception and Initiation

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The first step in determining startup project management is to settle on the idea of a project. In this step, you should find your idea, do some research, then pitch it to the relevant authority for review and approval. Also, the most important thing in this step is to make sure the cooperation between stakeholders is good. So, both parties can work well and full responsibilities.


When you are in a project to make a new website, firstly, you should find out how long it will take to make. Then, try to calculate the cost and all the effects it will have. Then, discuss it with the decision-making team. After that, you can move into the next step: definition and planning.

Project Definition and Planning

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There are two popular methods to create startup project management’s goal: SMART and CLEAR. 


  • Specific: Set the “who, what, where, when, which, and why” of your goals.
  • Measurable: Knowing how to measure the progress of the goal. 
  • Attainable: Plan on how to achieve your goals. 
  • Realistic: Assure that everyone in the project is willing to achieve your goals. 
  • Timely: Make a timeline to set your goals. 

Meanwhile, CLEAR stands for: 

  • Collaborative: Encourage your team to work together. 
  • Limited: Make the scope of your goals so it will be manageable. 
  • Emotional: Create a good connection with your employees. 
  • Appreciable: Break down big tasks to achieve it more easily.
  • Refinable: Create flexible goals so that it is easy to adapt to various situations. 


After discussing with all parties involved, all responsible parties must understand their duties. In this case, you have to make the targets and tasks as clear and detailed as possible. Moreover, it also includes how to overcome all the worst possibilities if the employees cannot finish the project on schedule.

Project Launch and Execution

At this stage, you must ensure that your team understands the project you are running and why they should care and be enthusiastic about it. Besides, give tasks according to the employee’s capacity, so it will be more effective and accelerate the completion of the job properly.


Still related to the previous example, in your website-making project, make sure at the other stage and execution stage all the teams have shown good progress. Also, Make sure all parties responsible have carried out the tasks they have received.

Performance and Control in Startup Project Management

Next, you need to do this step on startup project management from project launch to completion. In this case, this step is important to measure and compare the status of the project from time to time. Furthermore, you can also use KPIs to track the progress of your project.


When the progress of website-making is under the plan, you no longer need to shift around the resource. However, if there is a problem, such as there is a chapter that is not appropriate, you can involve other people who were not included in the project previously.

Project Close

Finally, the final step of the startup project management is the close project. In this step, the project has done well based on the plan, and you can move on to the next goal. However, don’t forget to do a job evaluation. You need to do it so that all the mistakes that your team makes while working on the project can be a lesson in the future.


After finishing the project, the final step is to launch the website. In this case, don’t forget to track the increase in benefits and each investment. Also, it is including terminating the contract with a freelancer.

Those are some simple steps to determine your startup project management. In essence, to complete a project well, you need a well-defined plan and good collaboration between employees. Not sure that your project management is right? Maybe you to apply gamification to your project plan

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