Release Date : 2018
Client : BTPNS
Platform : Android
Game Engine : Unity

BTPNS - Cool​

What is Cool?​

Cool (Community Officer Onboarding Learning) is a learning application project for BTPN Syariah to help their front liners learn the company’s culture and to train them to become skilled Community Officers during the onboarding period. Cool consists of two parts:

  • Mobile application developed with Unity for training users and recording their activity during the onboarding period. The Tree in the app represents their growth during the learning process.
  • Web-based Admin Panel that allows admin to monitor employee’s learning program. It also helps authors to evaluate their onboarding program effectiveness.

How It Works?

User’s growth during onboarding period is represented with the tree growth, It is an instant feedback for what they have done to complete their learning sessions.

Users are guided into on-the-job experiential learning during onboarding period, They need to finish their task and learning within ten days

Games are provided inside of the application as part of learning

Case Study

Diagram cools


  • Cool (Community Officer Onboarding Learning), being used by 3,000+ front liners of BTPN Syariah since 2018 – present.
  • The application plays a critical role in increasing the size of onboarding candidate;
  • By using Cool, the institution saved more than 30% of their annual training budget:
    • Previously onboarding was held with traditional classroommethod 4 days 3 nights.
    • Cool turns it into 10 days Self-paced learning and on-the job experiential
      learning and this is all tracked through the gamified application
    • Classroom activity is still being held on 2D1N at the end of onboarding period
    • Transformed the classroom activity to be more dynamic and put more emphasize into team building activities