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Implementation of Gamification
Unusual Implementation of Gamification Some of you might hear on many media outlets that gamification can lead to much more engagement with the customer or to simplify company standard operation to make it more understandable for your employee. However, there are actually many other industries to use the function and application of gamification. In this […]
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Common Industries to Use Gamification
Common Industries to Use Gamification Playing games can activate a hormone in our body called dopamine. Dopamine is responsible for the pleasure and joy in our mind. When people feel happy they are most likely to achieve a lot of more positive things such as learn better, improve the problem-solving ability, broaden the focus and […]
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Gamification for Engagement Across Generations
Gamification for Engagement Across Generation It is not a rocket science to realize how people are more willing to do things they are genuinely into. This can be reached by creating a fun element into the activity, making it an engaging way to spend time. Therefore, if engaging ways to spend time is one of […]
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Core Elements of Gamification
Core Elements and Mechanics of Gamification Everyone loves playing games. Playing games enable a good-feeling and more likely to reduce stress which impacts to a more productivity and a better result of work. In the other hand, play games also come with a risk of addiction. The gradual achievement such as gaining more badges or item […]
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