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The Shapes of Gamification in Talent Training
Why Gamification Positively Impacts Everyone Gamification on training is a breakthrough solution recently in order to assure the talent management system in keeping employees engaged with the company. It can be formed in many shapes, from simulation training, video training, mobile learning, and many other more. Maybe some of us didn’t even realize that many […]
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Talent Management Gamification: Playing with Purpose
Talent Management Gamification: Playing with Purpose There has been a shifting in the corporate talent management culture, especially in the field of training: from the all dull paper-based class to a more interactive and diverse activity. Since its first public encounter in 2002, gamification has shown a significant maturity as a break-through learning alternative. As […]
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The Old Vs New Way of Training
The Old VS The New (Way of Training) According to Oxford Dictionary, training is the action of teaching a person a particular skill or type of behaviour. But according to most of the employee today, training is a boring, monotonous, tiresome, and uninteresting activity that seems to only become a formality. If the employee didn’t […]
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Talent Management: What and Why
In the era of the new global marketplace, searching for a talent—employee with actual capability
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