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Core Elements of Gamification
Core Elements and Mechanics of Gamification Everyone loves playing games. Playing games enable a good-feeling and more likely to reduce stress which impacts to a more productivity and a better result of work. In the other hand, play games also come with a risk of addiction. The gradual achievement such as gaining more badges or item […]
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Gamification 101: The Rise of Game Everything
Gamification 101: The Rise of Game-Everything Game undeniably has becoming a significant part of human’s culture, may it in traditional form with its traditional rules and equipment, to the modern virtual-reality ones. As the form of games may differ, the goal stays the same, to experience happiness by directly rewarded or punished for the action […]
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The Benefit of Games We Don’t Really Talk About
The Benefit of Games We Don’t Really Talk About There has been a love-hate relationship between games and the society. For those who love it, games become an ultimate escape from the monotonous of the daily routine. For those who despise it, games become an incidental that seems to disrupt one’s performance and life habit. However, […]
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Game as a Powerful Communication Media
Game as a Powerful Communication Media People play games typically for entertainment anytime, anywhere. You may find people playing Candy Crush in the subway or on the bus, Clash of Clans in the waiting room, or some Minion Rush before going to bed. Those might seem a bunch of short time in a sight. However […]
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