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Roblox digitalized the House’s Gucci Garden Archetypes
Roblox had secured their future in the bag
How Roblox's successful brand collaboration with Gucci secured Roblox's financial future and created a whole new brand experience
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A man is studying on his smartphone
2021: A Year of Remote Working and Remote Learning
Corporations have turned to remote training as a replacement for face-to-face meetings during the pandemic, but how can it be better?
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Next Normal illustration of people working remotely
2021: A Prelude to Next Normal
The global response to the COVID-19 pandemic brought with it a unique economic reaction we had yet to see in recent memory. 2020 saw economic rubber-banding on a scale hitherto unseen on a global scale—with rapid contraction and recovery occurring in the span of a single fiscal year. This turbulent reaction shines a much-needed spotlight on […]
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Agate 2020 Recap
Agate’s 2020, in a Few Words
By Igor Tanzil, CMO of Agate I didn’t quite know how to start this recap without a cheesy line about a coming dawn, or the passing of a dark and stormy night. Some things just transcend the usual clichés and superlatives that would inevitably fail to express the full sum of experiences and emotions of […]
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