The Best Way to Increase Employee Engagement

You may have often heard the role of growth hack in increasing marketing and sales. Since usually companies implement growth hacks to encourage engagement, maximize brand awareness, and increase sales of products and services. However, have you know that we can also apply growth hack in HR risk management?

employee engagement
HR Growth Hacking

HR has a significant role in human resource investment. In this case, companies can adapt growth hacking techniques in developing their employees while increasing employee engagement. Moreover, to better understand how about the role of growth hack in improving HR risk management, here are some growth hack techniques you can try.

Growth Hacking For the Onboarding Process

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HR should focus on onboarding the process through social interaction between supervisors and co-workers. This method can help maximize the engagement of every new hire. Some ways are through online recognition, chat streams, and online work forums. In other words, building a social exchange for new hires is important to increase employee engagement more efficiently.

Group-Segmentation Approach

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Growth hacking and content are related to one another. Therefore, you need to determine the audience segment to grow engagement in HR risk management. For example, sales and accountants have different information needs. In this case, you can adjust the content to suit the personality and business needs of both. Thus, this step will give the impression that you are trying to embrace all divisions and consider them all valuable.

Apply the Growth Hacking Principle in HR Risk Management

Some of the principles of growth hacking, such as testing, observing, tweaking, repeating, and learning, can also be applied in HR risk management. Each division has a different way to finish their job. Therefore, companies must continue to be testing, tweaking, and learning to find the best ways to engage different employees.

Analytical Data to Increase Employee Satisfaction

Growth hacking sees metrics as a reporting function, as well as to improve processes, data-based segmentation, and better decision making. Concerning HR risk management, growth hack can help companies find out the level of employee satisfaction. Besides, you can also assess the level of manager involvement and employee productivity through a matrix that you can get through this survey system.

Involve Employees to Create Virality

Create content that makes your employees want to share it on social media. This step is one of the efforts to increase credibility at a low cost. In this case, getting your employees to neutralize company content can increase their involvement and potential to support company development. In other words, you have to create relevant content so that they will naturally be interested in sharing, without feeling compelled.

Those are some of the growth hack’s roles to develop HR risk management. Furthermore, you can discuss the power of virality, analytics, and relevant content with your team. Besides, reassure your employees that the company needs their involvement to create creative concepts and a healthy work atmosphere. In essence, try to always involve employees in developing your company.

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