Best Marketing Case Review of 2018

Brands and companies everywhere have gone all out this year in 2018, and by now, it’s about time that we do a review of some of the best marketing campaigns that had been done. From manipulating and making use of controversy, to making their consumer base play literal games, we’ll be examining how some of these cases work.

Best Marketing Case Review of 2018

Using Relevant Influencers – Weight Watchers

Relevant in this term doesn’t just mean relevant to your brand, but to your audiences and consumer-base. At the beginning of 2018, Weight Watchers made the decision to appoint DJ Khaled as their official social media ambassador. Popular with the younger audiences and having his own weight loss story to boot, it was a smashing success as Khaled managed to bring in and inspire new (young, male) audiences to the weight loss and diet brand.

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The key here is how to choose influencers to represent your brand. While any type of influencer as long as they are relevant with the youth can seem beneficial, someone that can personally touch and be the embodiment of your brand can do wonders. This endeavor alone brought Weight Watchers’ shares up to 6% according to CNN. Posts from Khaled himself regarding Weight Watchers have dragged high engagement as seen above.

Controversial and Viral Humor – Spotify

Considering that new year is around the corner, let’s examine Spotify’s campaign around January last new year.

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Developed and created fully in-house by Spotify’s creative team, the campaign sparked the internet ablaze with its humor. Ranging from controversial ones that pokes fun at public figures, to sweet ones that remind us to be a good human being. Spotify’s ads were able to be seen all over and not just where they place the posters but on the social media feeds of those that saw it. How they manage to stay away from any major damage to their image even though they use controversy is the lighthearted tone that they use and inclusive behavior of their jokes.

Gamification – Taco Bell

As always, gamification is always one of the easiest ways to drive in engagement, and this is not much different for Taco Bell’s case. During last Christmas, Taco Bell made a board game where you can play online.

Best Marketing Case Review of 2018The game can be Found Here

Taco Bell created a simple interactive flash that brought in some wandering internet surfers to be interested in the fast food brand. The virtual board game itself has comprised a simple choice game where your objective is to “Get to Taco Bell while you’re stuck with your family”. The ad made use of clever writing and relevant terms used by younger consumers. By utilizing simple animations and comical writing, the campaign managed to bring in old and new customers alike for the holidays.

Content Adaptation – Wholesome Culture

Using social media, it makes it easier for any company to comply and reply to any feedback sent by their customer base. However, with such organic feedback, you can actually take it a step further. What’s been going on for a while until now is how Wholesome Culture, a Montreal-based clothing brand, adapted the content of its social media to better fit the tastes of their biggest consumers. In this case: vegans, women, animal lovers, and so on.

Best Marketing Case Review of 2018

The said content is more obvious once you take a look at their Instagram feed. Further added, Wholesome Culture doesn’t stop there. One of their most popular posts resemble the ones highlighted red above. Memes and relatable posts that they have a knack for making, are one of their best posts as it drives in the most engagement. To take advantage of this, they would usually sandwich them between their harder-selling posts before opening up again with a content that’s more pleasing towards their main consumer. Then the cycle continues.


It is easy to see how important social media is for modern marketing, considering it is such a big part of modern human lifestyle. Tending to these online contents and paying close attention to what works and adapt to that is important. And if done well, it may even work with the people in your own company.  


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