Avoid ‘Messy’ Things in Your Life by These 5 Personal Management Apps in 2019

To make your life more organized, you might need the help of personal management apps. Besides being useful for organizing work, you can also use this application to record some important details. Therefore, it never hurts to try to install personal management apps on your laptop and smartphone.

In choosing personal management apps, make sure you also consider the features and user interface. In other words, make sure you choose an application that is easy to use and has the feature that you need. Furthermore, here are some recommendations for personal management apps in 2019 that you can try.


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Trello is one of the most popular personal management apps in 2019. Although many users consider the old-fashioned user interface, some of them also like this application because it is easy to use. By using this app, you can arrange data and schedules in the available columns. Also, it will help you make so that everything is more organized. Besides, this application is also famous for its flexibility. In this case, Trello has features that will let you customize and deploy your data as you need.


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Compared to Trello, Asana has features and looks that are slightly more complex. It has some features that will let you separate all projects and tasks. So, you can arrange more than one project on time. Also, this feature will make it easier for you to organize all your work. Furthermore, in individual tasks, you can also add due dates, file attachments, tags, and subtasks. So, it will help you keep everything in detail.


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Another personal management app 2019 that worth to try is MeisterTask. Its modern look and features will make it easy for you to operate. In other words, this application is suitable for you who want an intuitive and smart personal management app. Moreover, MeisterTask will allow you to manage each task in sequence, so it will be easier for you to rechecking. Besides, you can also create tasks along with the due date, attachments, tags, comments, checklists, and more.


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For those of you who prefer to manage the schedule of activities in the calendar, Teamweek can be the right choice. This personal management apps 2019 has features that are easier for you to use than Google or Apple calendar. In this case, all your to-do list will be recorded in the calendar view, complete with the duration and details that you need to prepare. In other words, Teamweek helps you prioritize your schedule by tracking tasks on the calendar.


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The last personal management app 2019 that you deserve to try is Freedcamp. This application has a user interface that is not as friendly as previous applications. However, this application has quite interesting features. In addition to allowing you to create projects, boards, and tasks as needed, you can also organize data sets in different ways. Also, you can add priorities and due dates, subtasks, comments, and files.

Those are some of the personal management apps 2019 recommendations that you can try. From some of the applications above, which one is most suitable for your needs?

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