Agate: 2021 Recap

January 2021 was pretty good for our Consumer Business (mobile games) division. People are turning to games for comfort. It was evident in Code Atma community, which held a virtual gathering and their own events and giveaways. The newest story of Memories, Dream! Eyes on You (sequel to Dream! Fashion Star), had also shown good performance, as in-app purchase revenue increased by 12.2%. Our premium game, Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story also showed a great number of sales abroad. However, things were slow in the Enterprise Business division, despite our newfound partnership between Levio and QMF, and custom deals like Gopay Suwit. Our revenue dropped by 52% because of the lack of co-development projects and several deals in gamification were delayed.   

Things were looking up in February, but the Consumer Business is still driving most of the revenue-generating purchases. Mobile games, especially Code Atma, kept this up until March (with a 40% revenue increase). Fortunately, our gamification development has also picked up speed in March, generating 60% more revenue compared to February. One notable project is Levio-PSI with the 2nd batch of Sekolah Kader PSI, a remote training program for members of the party. Compared to the previous batch, the participation rate reached 79% (a 27% increase from the previous batch), with an 88% completion rate. PSI is looking forward to create the 3rd batch of Sekolah Kader in 2022.  

As April rolls in, our consumer business was also on a roll (lol). Valthirian Arc: Hero School Stories was released on Steam to a warm reception(?). Our choose-your-own-adventure otome game, Memories, became the 2nd Highest Grossing Visual Novel in Indonesia, with a 44.7% increase in total revenue compared to March. In the same month, Code Atma gained over 17k new users — with almost half of them hailing from overseas. The number of new users was higher than the initial projection of 12k. After that, Code Atma hits the global market on May 28th, as it was r eleased to 3 Tier-1 countries (Denmark, Canada, and the UK). We also initiated an iOS test program for Code Atma, where testers can try out Code Atma in their iPhones. The test carried on until the end of June.  

The Enterprise Business division was also picking up speed. Our virtual venue, Venhall, hosted over 1500 participants in Allprint 2021. Utilizing Venhall’s intuitive venue and interactive 3D exhibition booth, the event highlighted various industry players in the printing and packaging industry. On the other hand, our gamified learning platform, Levio, was establishing a new partnership with the consulting firm, Learning Resource. 

The third quarter was a busy time for our Enterprise Business division. We had projects going in Levio, new deals in Venhall, and several NFT projects in Custom service. One of our projects was a game-based assessment for elementary school students, called AJT Minigames. It’s designed in collaboration with experts in education from top Indonesian universities, to help students find their potentials and help them develop it further. Currently, we’re testing the product-market fit and validity of AJT Minigames as an assessment tool. The result should be out later this month, January 2022.  

In August, Levio established another partnership, this time with the award-winning professional learning organization, Cegos Asia-Pacific. With this partnership, Levio became the only official Cegos Learning Partner in Indonesia. Meanwhile in Consumer Business, Code Atma was gaining momentum for a global grand launch. The grand launch marked the release of Code Atma in the United States, Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East and North African region. With how hectic August was, we sent out care packages to our crew members to help them stay healthy against the then-rampant Delta variant Coronavirus. 

The Enterprise Business division was still bustling in September. Our custom gamification service was busy handling Super Fantasy project, which had a stealth launch in September. The project gained 27k unique users, 10k of which finished their onboarding process. Levio was running two projects with the mining company Berau Coal, one for training, and one for wellness program. As their field staffs can rarely do an offline session or computer-based program, Berau Coal chose to use the mobile Levio app for their programs. This way, the field staff can access the learning materials from anywhere. The company also collaborated with health experts to make BMI Wellness Program. It was to combat obesity amongst their mining staff, which caused several health and safety concerns. Within two months of the program, some of the staff lose as much as 20kg of weight, by maintaining healthy living and eating habits. In September we also launched the Skylab Fund, a part of Agate’s Moonshot initiative. The program aims to find forward-thinking and passionate developers to shoot for the moon together. Agate will be providing the funds needed to develop the next award-winning games, open up global networking opportunities, and provide guidance from game industry experts. A press conference introducing the initiative was held via Zoom on September 1st 2021 and was attended by more than 80 game developers and journalists. 

In the last quarter of 2021, the Enterprise Business still dominates our load. In November, we hosted the biggest event yet in Venhall with the higher education fair Eduvex 2021. With over 13k participants, the 3 days event featured educational experts and representatives from local and overseas universities. We also welcomed the Piala Presiden E-sports (PPE) committee visitations to Agate. Piala Presiden Esports is one of the biggest esports tournaments held by the Indonesian government. As part of their media initiatives, the PPE committee held a series of pre-events, including a visit to Agate as Indonesia’s biggest video game developer. In November, Levio held the 2nd joint webinar with Cegos, which highlighted the issue of disagreements in the workplace. In the webinar, we also launched our Levio x Cegos OTS Fun Training Module. Organizations who are looking to train their employees’ softskill could use these readymade modules from learning experts in Cegos through the Levio app.  

In December, we continued to partner with the Indonesian government, this time with the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime & Investment Affairs. They invited Agate to be involved in two events: World Superbike Mandalika racing competition and Rapat Koordinasi Nasional 5 Destinasi Pariwisata Super Prioritas (National Coordination Meeting for 5 Super Priority Tourism Destinations). Agate was invited as one of the Indonesian superhero IP owners. We highlighted Code Atma as the game most closely tied to the theme.   

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